People's Republic of Gaerstan

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People's Republic of Gaerstan
(Danish) Folkerepublikken Gærstan
(Qeelish) Shia Republiko Garestan

National flag
National emblem

(de facto)
"Aut inveniam viam aut faciam"
"I shall find a way or make one"
(de jure)
"Domine et Sanctus"
"Lord & Holy"
"March of Munkkia (Thousand Footsteps)"

DemonymGaerstanian, Gare
Official languageDanish, English, Qeelish
Official religionNone
Ethnic groupsDanish Munkkian

GovernmentConstitutional republic
PresidentMathias L. Magnussen
Chairman of the CouncilDaniel Sørensen

LegislaturePeople's Council of Gaerstan
(Danish:) Gærstans Folkeråd
(Qeelish:) Shia Cropuo Garestan

Established20th of September 2015

Area claimed120 km2
Population3 (est. September 2015)
CurrencyGærsi Gryn, DKK
Time zoneUTC

Gaerstan, officially known as the People's Republic of Gaerstan (Also known as Garestan, Gærstan) is a sovereign state in Europe, landlocked between Denmark. It has a population of 3 as of September 2015. Gaerstan was founded on the 20th of September 2015, by previous Munkkian President Mathias L. Magnussen, as an attempt to unite the Danish Munkkian citizens under a new state after the Split of Munkkia. Gaerstan is a democratic republic, ruled by the People's Council of Gaerstan. Gaerstan lies on the historic city of Gaerstan, Munkkia, and also claims several part of the previous Kingdom of Gaerstania & Great Munkkia.

History of Gaerstan


On the 15th of June 2014, Jonny Møbjerg, Mathias L. Magnussen and Angutivik-Casper Rúnur Tausen Hansen were standing outside of the dorm-complex where they live. Mathias brought up micronations after reading several articles on it, and wanting to start one himself, he brought up the idea of three independent micronations. Jonny and Casper liked the idea a lot, and started working as soon as they returned home. On the same day, Mathias and Jonny has already created a flag, and a plan for their future, and everyone had come up with a name. Mathias chose the United Republic of Lolk, Casper created Ýlfalärn and Jonny created Anonystan. Things went pretty slow between the nations, only a few things were implemented, such as a weapons treaty between Casper and Mathias. It wasn't until the 7. July 2014, almost a month later, that Mathias suggested combining the three nations into one actual micronation. Casper and Jonny agreed, and the Republic of Munkkia was officially formed.

After the formation on the 7th of July 2014, things took off, and only 4 days later, on the 11th of July 2014, the government infrastructure was created, and Jonny Møbjerg was elected president. Mathias was elected Minister of the Ministry of Media, and Casper was elected Minister of the Ministry of Military. The next few days were spent on writing, planing and growing. On the 17th of July, the first Grand Meeting was held over Skype. At this meeting, it was decided that a military force was necessary, so the Munkkia Army was created, and Casper became the Field Marshall. Mathias became General. Two days later, the National Party was formed, after Mathias realised that he had forgotten to create one before Jonny was elected president.

On the 27th of June 2015, a few days after the one year anniversary of Munkkias existance, the Council of Munkkia held a meeting. President Mathias offered two solutions to an impending problem: Two Council members would be leaving Munkkian territory shortly, and Mathias feared this would result in the end of the People's Republic of Munkkia, and would lead them away from micronationalism all together. Mathias proposed a split within Munkkia, where President Mathias, who reamined in Munkkia territory, would establish a new state, and Angutivik-Casper Rúnur Tausen Hansen could establish his own sovereign nation on the Faroe Islands.

Gaerstania & Great Munkkia

The Kingdom of Gaerstania and Great Munkkia, (KGGM) commonly refered to as "Gaerstania" (Also spelled "Gærstania") was a sovereign constitutional monarchy bordering Denmark. Gaerstania gained independence from the People's Republic of Munkkia after a conflict between government officials, which resultet in the split of Munkkia into two sovereign states. Gaerstania was officially founded on the 27th of June 2015 by President Mathias L. Magnussen, who declared himself King of Gaerstania on the same day.

Government and Politics

Gaerstan strongly focuses on direct democracy, inspired mainly by the successful models of the Republic and the People's Republic of Munkkia. the Party for the Unification of Munkkia, also known as the National Party is currently in power. It is a strongly socialist party.

List of parties

Party Ideology Chairperson Seats
People's Council
Partyofgaerstan.png Party for the Unification of Munkkia (PUMA) Socialism, Munkkian nationalism Mathias L. Magnussen
2 / 2

Demographics & Culture

National Anthem

The National Anthem of Gaerstan is the "March of Munkkia", a piece written by Mathias L. Magnussen and Angutivik-Casper Rúnur Tausen Hansen. It is originally played on ukulele, but is most often used as an electronic version. March of Munkkia has been a traditional Munkkian tune since the Republican era, and has a great value for the Gares and Munkkians.

Diplomatic Relations

Gaerstan recognizes diplomatic relationships with other small nations, and actknowledge their right to self determinaion. The Head of State or Monarch of the respective nation is usually awarded the Order of The Five Pointed Star as a sign of friendship.

· 261407 247614288588350 2625018 n.jpg State of Sandus - 14 July 2015

· CQfa04nw.jpg Holy Empire of Arcadia - 14 July 2015

· 7818qC7o.jpg Kingdom of Viper - 14 July 2015

· Oriflamme-icon.jpg Principality of Lorenzburg - 14 July 2015

· VXxeE7vdZT3c vUAE4t6BZHiDor23uiPl6VAfpuDz3iCoeocT1O8zxrcLqG1uJrEBuNV1uZrJTKtRMI994xLbOZ8njmh0nKIPL6oL04LRK5O6zg9UUjDvyYDPCzRYZpSCBYF0 MBVMa8PzXRzv-9Oc3ES4x5o 88solZDV2QrGeUWzXcnXveRaOIJ nBLHqukE56-Y UPVc0XgWDC7.png Consulat of Surland - 14 July 2015

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