Princely House of Caudonia

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House of Denton
CountryPrincipality of Caudonia
TitlesPrince of Caudonia
Current headPrince William I
Founding2 December 2018

The House of Denton is the family which reigns by constitutional hereditary right over Caudonia. The dynasty's membership, rights, and responsibilities are defined by a law of the family, which is enforced by the reigning prince and may be altered by vote among the family's dynasts, but which may not be altered by the Government or Parliament of Caudonia.


The house originates from Vryland, a now defunct nation which was reigned over by Prince William I from 2 December 2018 to 11 June 2019. Following the dissolution of Vryland, the Prince went on to reign over New Albion. Following the dissolution of that nation, he went on to establish Caudonia which he reigns over today.


Name Title From Until
William I Prince of Caudonia 5 July 2019 reigning
William I King of New Albion 11 June 2019 5 July 2019
William I King of Vryland 2 December 2018 11 June 2019


  • Prince of Caudonia
  • Prince Father
  • Prince Mother