Pristinian-Sandum War

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The One Day/Insola War
Conflict: Pristinian-Sandum War
Date: 12 September 2009
Place: No engagement ever took place
Outcome: Ceasefire. The Emperor of Pristinia inofficially took blame for the war. 
Pristflag.jpg Empire of Pristinia FlagofSandus.png People's State of Sandus
Frederic I of Pristinia Guillaume Sœrgèl as Speaker of the House, legally «Dictum Sandus».

The Pristinian-Sandum War, also known as the One Day War or the Insola War, was a conflict that was initiated by the Empire of Pristinia on September 11, 2009. One of the shortest MicroWiki conflicts known, the war officially started and ended the day after.

New European Ultimatum and Sandum Reply

New Europe issued an Ultimatum on September 7, 2009, issuing the following:

The Imperial Assembly has passed a resolution calling for an immediate apology from Sandus, for its vicious and overly critical propaganda against New Europe during the New Euro-Erusian War. The following demands are made to Sandus in which the government is given from September 7, 2009 until September 10, 2009 to respond.

1. The Sandus Head of State apologize formally on the War’s talk page for its actions.

2. The Sandus Head of State apologize for its demonizing of the German and Italian people during the war.

3. The Sandus Head of State apologize for its making of false statements against the Emperor.

4. The Sandus Head of State agree to an investigation of the Sandusian motives by the G.U.M.

Failure to at least respond will result in an immediate declaration of war.

Sandum issued their reply later that day after an investigation by the National Congress. The National Congress regarded this as a special matter, as Sandus' isolationist foreign policy was being threatened:

Dear Herr Kaiser, Delegates of the Reichstag & Imperial Assembly, and Citizens of New Europe,

The National Congress of Sandus has reviewed the Sandefreistikhan involvement in the New Euro-Erusian War of July 2009. The National Congress has discussed the following via e-mail, telephone, Facebook™, and in an Emergency Assembly. The National Congress has decided the following on your nation's ultimatum:

1.) Firstly, there is an issue with this. Sandus does not have a Head of State, as we are a Direct Democracy. We do, how ever, have a figure head -- myself -- who keeps the Congress in Peace should a dispute break out. The National Congress, however, has met this with the utmost seriousness and sincerity though the National Congress has voted against apologizing for the actions taken by Sandefreistikhan during the New European-Erusian War of July 2009.

2.) At no time, during this investigation, did the National Congress of Sandus ever find a demonizing statement from the Government of Sandefreistikhan made upon the Italian and German people as a whole. Sandefreistikhan, how ever, has formally made statements regarding the war crimes of the National Socialist Party, Wehrmacht, the Schutzstaffel as a whole, and various Policing Forces of the Deutsches Reich. The Government of Sandus, formally, apologizes, as the successor state of the Grand Lamate of Sandefreistikhan, for obscene statements made against such armed forces during said war.

3.) The National Congress has found no false statements made against the Emperor during said War. Should you know of any such statements, please reply and give us the conversation(s), time(s), date(s) and any other subject(s) which would be useful.

4.) The National Congress agrees to the investigation of Sandefreistikhan motives during said war. Sandum will defend, as legal successor of the Grand Lamate of Sandefreistikhan, Sandefreistikhan motives, actions, and events during said war.

5.) Sandus will not apologize for Sandefreistikhan, as legal successor state, Propaganda aimed at the New European Empire during said war. Sandus regards the New European Empire as a government which holds dearly the ideals of the Deutsches Reich & Regno d'Italia during the period of 1922 to 1943, and the former government of Sandefreistikhan had the right to create propaganda expressing and educating the events of the Second World War, such suffering caused by the «Axis Powers», and their view on the Government of New Europe and said wars and the Deutsches Reich.

Issued from the Offices of the National Congress,

The Speaker of the House's Bureau.

Progression towards War and Declaration

Pristinia and New Europe formed the Pristinian-New European Alliance on 11 September 2009, 4 days after the ultimatum and reply from Sandus, and progressed quickly to war. The alliance treaty made it so that New Europe would be forced to declare war on Sandus within the two weeks following its signing. However, New Europe never gave a reply or statement regarding the loophole.

Pristinia thus went forward and declared war on Sandus:

Declaration of WAR

On behalf of His Holy Imperial and Royal Majesty, ********************** Percival Arthur Conan William Sean Callidus, Emperor of all Realms and Territories of the Glorious Empire of Pristinia, Defender of Faith, Freedom and Order, Salvator of the People, Great Pontifex, and King of all the territories of Fredericton and Great Berkeley, Sovereign of The Crown Protectorate, Duke of Pristinia City, Luximberg and Pristinisch Eck and Supreme Commandant in Chief of the Armed Forces of Pristinia,

we declare WAR on the People's State of Sandus

for the following reasons:

  1. Failure to comply with Emperor Wilhelm I's ultimatum.
  2. Being a corrupt, mendacious and incongruous state unworthy of the term micronation
  3. Instigating anti-New European propaganda during the Erusian war
  4. Insulting the peoples of Germany and Italy, and therewith the people of (not only) the Empire of Pristinia and the Federal Republic of St.Charlie
  5. Being untrue to its own ideals (mainly being non-communist)
  6. Illegally garrisoning property of the United States of America, seeing that Sandus is not recognised by the Empire of Pristinia

signed, His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Frederic I. of Pristinia 23:22, September 11, 2009 (UTC)

Sandum Response to the War, Ceasefire and Conclusion

Sandus, initially, wanted no war, yet after Pristinia declared war on Sandus, it declared that it would make no offensive during the war until Pristinia had done so. Will (Guillaume) Sœrgèl, Speaker of the House of Sandus, momentarily took his privilege of being Dictator of Sandus during wars to sign the Treaty of Universal Non-Aggression, though later the Congress voted to accept the signing of the treaty later after he had revoked the privilege.

At 15:49, September 12, 2009 (UTC), the Emperor of Pristinia issued the following peace grant to Sandus:

Temporal Peace until 20th September 2009

To The Dictator of Sandus,

I have decided to grant a guaranteed Temporal Peace Treaty until 20th September 2009, as I understand your back to school situation, and in order to give the possibility of a re-establishment of your congressional recess. We hereby grant that we will not perform any aggressive acts until 20th September, 2009.

Signed, His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Frederic I. of Pristinia 15:49, September 12, 2009 (UTC)

About two hours later, at 17:57, Pristinia declared the war over.

Intermicronational response

  • Egtaviaflag.png Principality of Egtavia: President Petya d'Égtavie: "While I can express some sympathy for Pristinia's cause, declaring war is completely unnecessary. This is precisely the sort of war that brings all the nations involved into disrepute, given its completely farcical nature. I sincerely hope that Pristinia will show more maturity in future!" During a discussion with a potential First Minister, the President was heard to say: "...Take the Pristina-Sandus war for example. It's pretty incredible the amount of... of... p-ing about that goes on between micronations. Whatever happened to diplomacy? Are these people completely stupid? Oh dear, dear me...."
  • Flag of Patetopia.png Republic of Patetopia: President Pate condemned Pristinia's declaration of war saying, "Pristinia is acting in a very immature manner and has no right to wage this war." The Emperor soon after issued a direct address to President Pate.
  • Landashirblueold.png Crown Principality of Landashir: (HRI James II during conversation): "I think that this war is... yes, I agree, it is childish. Pristinia is just being annoying, and knowing Sandus, they will hopefully ignore any threats, and remain unaggressive. I hope that the war ends and both sides remain in a state of neutrality between each other". The Crown Prince later announced (28 September 2009): "After Pristinia's several attacks on 21 separate people, I do not see why I, and the rest of the Micronational community should tolerate this. To be frank, the disabling of Londogne's account has probably relieved MicroWiki, and I ask for Londogne to apologize immediately as his nationalist and egocentric view and opinions are hurtful and have upset a lot of people. Again, for Sandus, I hope she remains strong, and I wish that there are no more cyber attacks."
  • Commerusia.png Democratic People's Republic of Erusia: The Politburo of the Erusian National Communist Party "absolutely and whole-heartedly" condemned the declaration of war, calling the Empire of Pristinia "jingoistic barbarians". An explicit warning was issued stating that whilst it was not in itself prepared to make preperations for, or otherwise engage in, a military campaign it would not tolerate further intervention in the war. Kenneth Maisano remarked to State Media that the war "reeks of anti-Socialism and Imperialism", whilst the Central People's Government reportedly re-evaluated its change in attitude towards Sandus. The DPRE further condemned A1 for its "harmful response", criticising Gordon Freeman for implying Sandus is also an aggressive party in the war. The Emperor soon after issued a direct address to the Politburo.
  • Imperial Republic Flag Wiki.png Empire of Nemkhavia: Premier Mark Meehan condemned the declaration of war against Sandus, stating that "It is an immature act by a nation that seems to have a wholly cavalier attitude towards conflict". Sandus was seen by Nemkhavs as a friend of the Nemkhav Federation. The Premier later sent a message to the leader of Pristinia.
  • A1flag.png Most Glorious People's Republic of A1: Chairman Sir. Gordon Freeman reaffirmed A1's policy of neutrality in such conflicts and condemned both sides for engaging in "such pointless and childish conflicts", as well as other micronational wars.
  •  Flandrensis: As a member of the Movement of Non-Aligned Micronations and of the Union Against Micronational War the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis remained neutral in this conflict. Grand Duke Niels I of Flandrensis condemned the declaration of war and hoped that both nations will find a peaceful solution.