Republic of Corennica

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Republic of Corennica
Coat of arms
Motto: Libertatem ad omnes
Anthem: N/A
Camden County, New Jersey, United States
and largest city
Official languagesCorennican, English
• Vaztev/Vasteve
• Joftxa/Joftxae
LegislatureCorennican Congress
EstablishmentApril 4, 2011
• (as of 2011 census) census
Time zone(EST)

Corennica, officially the Republic of Corennica (Corennican: Ye Repuvlix ze Koranarxa) is a republic. It's presidential branch is currently held by President CS. The congressional branch is run by a bicameral congress, consisting of the Senate and House of Representatives. It was founded on April 4, 2011 and currently consists of four towns.



Corennica was founded on April 4, 2011 by CS and HS out of their home. They quickly drafted a flag and began working on the formation of the governmental structure.

Government and Politics

Corennica is governed as a Republic. There are three branches of government: the Presidential Branch, the Royal Branch and the Congressional Branch. The Presidential Branch consists of the President who may propose laws to the Congress. The Royal Branch consists of the Chief Justice and the Department of Public Affairs. The Congressional Branch consists of the Congress who may propose their own laws and actions as well as veto those proposed by the President.

Law and Order

Corennica system of law is directly run by the Royal Branch. A chief justice and a jury of three decide the innocence of the defendant. The system runs of the basis of innocence until proven guilty.

Foreign Relations

Corennica is not involved in any foreign politics as of now.

Geography and Climate

The sun setting over a school in the Corennican region.

Corennica consists of a small plot of land nestled in the southern New Jersey county of Camden. The exact dimensions of the territory is unknown and the boundaries are disputed. The area maintains an average of 70 °F in the summertime and 30 °F during the winter.[1] These weather conditions allow for snow during the winter and warm weather in the summertime.

Corennica experiences an average yearly rainfall of 44.42 inches.[2] Rainfall often causes problems, as most of Corennica is settled within a forest, which turns into mud during rainfall. This can cause problems with travel to and from the land, and can also be dangerous for citizens due to the steep hills that frequent the area. Travel to Corennica during rainfall is advised against.


Corennica maintains four towns, though as of 2011 only three are fuctioning:

  • Cathridge - The capital region of Corennica. It was the first city to be founded, and remains the most populated town in the country with an overall population of two.
  • Port Rosalina - The third city to be founded. It is the most affluent city in Corennica and maintains a population of one.
  • Coltsburg - The second city to be founded. It was the most populous and cultural city in Corennica throughout 2011 until it was destroyed in the Coltsburg Raids.
  • New Coltsburg - The fourth city to be founded. It was founded as a refuge for those who lost their homes in the Coltsburg Raids, and quickly grew to become the business capital of the country. It maintains the headquarters for Corennica National Bank.


Corennica's economy has been at a standstill since the abolishment of the national currency and the stalling of manufacturing after the Coltsburg Raids.


The Corennican Public School System has provided free educational services since the founding of the nation. As of 2012 there are no private educational facilities available.


Despite its political and economical turbulence resulting from the Coltsburg Raids, Corennica has managed to remain united and uphold an ever growing cultural movement.

Fine Arts

The Corrennican Center of the Arts was founded on the 3rd of March, 2012.


Corennican was founded on the English language, but quickly moved to the use of the developing Correnican Language.


Corennica maintained an official newspaper, The Corennican Times, until its dissolution in late 2011.


A March 2012 census reported a population of 4.

Race and Religion

Race / Ethnicity
White / Caucasian 100%
Black / African 0%
Asian 0%
Other 0%
Religious affiliation
None 50%
Christianity 50%
Judaism 0%
Islam 0%

Population Growth

Population by year
Year # % Growth from previous year
2010 0 0%
2011 4 100%
2012 4 0%

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