Republic of Noland

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Republic of Noland
Coat of arms
Motto: N/A
Anthem: N/A
Vermont, United States
CapitalNoland Federal District
Largest cityIannopolis
Official languagesEnglish (primary), Spanish and Esperanto (secondary)
Demonym(s)Nolandic, Nolander (person)
• Vice Minister
Horatio Eden
John V
LegislatureCongressional Cabinet
Establishment27 November 2015
• Census
CurrencyUSD and M$
Time zoneEDT
This nation is a member state of the Grand Unified Micronational.

The Republic of Noland is a micronation founded on 27 November 2015 as the Principality of Noland by John V. The Principality officially dissolved on 1 June 2016, and the Republic of Noland was founded as its successor state.


Noland is derived from two parts: When founded, it had only 25 square feet, almost no land. It was also derived from the last name of the royal family at that time, Nolon.


Noland was founded as the Principality of Foompland. For the brief period in November when Noland was a state, both the role of Prince and Congress were filled by John V. However, the Second Congress was elected shortly after the foundation of the nation.

The Second Congress was filled by local residents, living near Noland. It didn't accomplish much. It met over email.

Three months later, the Third Congress was elected, accompanied by an online forum, It greatly increased activity and two laws were passed, with many more proposed. Political parties were also created.

Three months later, the Principality was dissolved, leading to a Republic, led by a Congressional Cabinet. It meets on Skype.

Government and politics

Noland is run by a Congressional Cabinet which is elected by the people. The Congressional Cabinet has seven seats, and they all have a specific responsibility, as follows:

Congressional Cabinet

Office Person
Prime Minister John V
Vice Minister Horatio Eden
Secretary of Diplomatic Relations Michal Nowacki
Secretary of Government Ava Neasa
Secretary of Domestic Affairs Walter Schutz
Chief Justice Ned Gunderson
Secretary of Defense Nate Krawitt

Political Parties

The Democratic Justice Party is the majority party in the Cabinet. It has center-right views. Horatio Eden is the President of the Party, and John V is the Vice President. Ned Gunderson and Walter Schutz are also members.

The Equality Alliance Party is run by Ava Neasa, who is currently the only member of the party.

Law and order

Noland currently does not have a working judiciary system.

Foreign relations

Noland has relations with the following micronations:

  • State of Nedland (mutual recognition)
  • The Principality of Noland (official predecessor state)


The Military of Noland is nonexistent. However, the current Secretary of Defense is in the action of being replaced with a more active citizen.


Noland has a temperate climate. It is located in a forested area.


Noland has three administrative districts. The Noland Federal District is a structure built by Ian that is the official physical venue of the Congressional Cabinet, but the probability of an actual meeting taking place there is highly unlikely. New Greenwich is the largest province of Noland, and its capital is Iannopolis. Finally, Tyland used to be a nation but Noland annexed it so it is now a semi-autonomous province of Noland. Its capital has no name.

The province of New Greenwich is located less than an acre away from the Realm of New New Greenwich, a Valdslandic Realm.


The economy of Noland is nonexistent.


Noland has a strong Shakespearean culture as well as a strong affinity for music of all types.


The Micronational Broadcasting Corporation was started by John V and has produced one episode on YouTube, and is working on a second.