Rocky Mountain Trade Alliance

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Official logo

Headquarters Jackson City

Official language English

Membership 4

Foundation 2 September 2022

The Rocky Mountain Trade Alliance or the RMTA is a micronational trade alliance founded by Surdam. It's aim is to establish easy trade between nations in the rockies (Mostly Colorado and Wyoming). The headquarters of the alliance will switch depending on the current Head of Trade's capital. The current headquarters in located in Jackson City, Surdam. When a nation joins the alliance they can trade freely with the other nations, that is the whole goal of the alliance.


Flag Nation Date joined Notes
Flag of Surdam.svg Republic of Surdam 2 September 2022 Head of Trade (2022-present)
WesterlyFlag.png Republic of Westerly 3 September 2022
Deweylisia Flag.png Deweylisia 7 November 2022
Soshallia Flag.png Soshallia

Former Members

Flag Nation Date Joined Date Left
roserepublic.png Rose Kingdom 5 September 2022 30 November 2022