Second Molcian State

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United States of Molco
Greater Serene Realm of Bundestopia
Coat of arms
CapitalNew Molco Federal District
Official languagesThai, English, Chinese
GovernmentFederal, Presidential Republic (before self-coup)
Federal, Authoritarian Dictatorship
(after self-coup)
Zerorius Hiruko (as President)
Zerorius Hiruko (as Führer)
• Chief Minister
Zerorius Hiruko, Sunny Neve (1st order of precedence before head of Molcian state)
LegislatureUnited States's National Congress (Regional)
National Congress of Izoroku-Molco Republic
(Intermicronational assembly)
Establishment12 April 2019
Time zoneGMT+7
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Molco (1st State)

Molco (2nd State), formerly known as the United States of Molco, later known Greater Serene Realm of Bundestopia was the federal, sovereign country and rump state of Molco (1st State).


Reestablishment of Molco

After the dissolution of Central Democratic People's Federal Republic and Reich of Molco (1st Molco State) by national referendum, the leader of Molco (1st State), Zerorius Hiruko, was gathering the people from 1st Molco State and reestablished Molco (2nd State), he had nominated by Molcian people to be President of United States of Molco.

Personal Union with Izoroku Headquarter

When Zerorius raised himself as 1st Vice Supreme Commander-in-chief of Izoroku Headquarter, he tried to reform the headquarter, after the failed reform about the new government in Izoroku HQ, he wrote the Sunny-Zero Agreement and referred to the Supreme Commander-in-chief of Izoroku HQ, Sunny Neve, about the personal union between Molco and Izoroku HQ, this agreement signed at 17 April 2019 and forms the "Izoroku-Molco Republic" the faction of two sovereign entities. The head of IMR was Chief of State, served by Supreme Commander-in-chief of Izoroku HQ and President of Molco, and ex-officio Co-Minister President of Izoroku-Molco National Congress, head of government and congress of faction.

Seizes Power

As Supreme Commander-in-chief of Molcian Federated Armed Forces, he had the power to veto some decrees from the executive body regarding military affairs. When the Izoroku-Molco Republic was formed, he used the power of SC-in-C, and the President of Molco declared the Molco turned into an authoritarian dictatorship and became to Führer of the United States of Molco on 18 April 2019.

Turns to Bundestopia

Bundestopia is a proposed project of Zerorius regarding peaceful society and harmonious behavior, and then he changed name Molco to Greater Serene Realm of Bundestopia, an authoritarian benevolent dictatorship with the personal union the Izoroku Military Headquarter.

Dissolution and succession of Molco

When he ran out his point of view for a micronation, he called the masses' Congress or United States' National Congress about dissolution as "Act of Permanent Dissolution 2019", after two days of congress session, people called to dissolve the group and 1 August 2019, Fuhrer of Greater Serene Realm resigned from office and dissolve the Greater Serene Realm of Bundestopia. Izoroku M.G. became the de facto successor of Molco with his in charge of the Chairman of Executive Office of Military and Civilian Affairs, head of state of Izoroku Military Governorate, and head of government of Izoroku.