Sovereign Barony of New Kendal

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Sovereign Barony of Kendal
Flag of Sovereign Barony of New Kendal
Coat of arms of Sovereign Barony of New Kendal
Coat of arms
Motto: Manet Spem.
Hope Remains.
Anthem: "Our Crown Sits On His Head Again"
CapitalFort Necessity (administrative) Old Kendal (cultural and historical)
Largest cityHilltop
Official languagesAmerican English (de facto)
Ethnic groups
By Race: 82% European, 12% Mixed Race, 6% Latino
53% Church of the Dragon, 35% Southern Baptist, 6% Atheist, 6% Roman Catholic, 6% Deist
Demonym(s)Kendalian, Kendalite
GovernmentConfederated, stratocratic, constitutional barony
• Baron
Kyle Lawson
EstablishmentMarch 20, 2022
• Total
13.561 acres (5.488 ha)
CurrencyUSD (de facto)
Time zoneUTC-5:30 (NKT)
AntipodesSouthern Indian Ocean
Driving sideright
Calling code+1

The Sovereign Barony of Kendal, formerly New Kendal, is a micronation located in the Southern United States. It currently consists of six provinces in the United States and one in the United Kingdom, and is governed by Baron Kyle Lawson.


The ‘Sovereign Barony’ aspect of the official name refers to its ruler being a baron, but unlike most barons in history, being one over which no higher rank of noble or royal rules, and whose barony is a sovereign nation.



The Lawson family derives their name from Lawrence de Lancaster, second Baron of Kendal in 13th century England. Previously, the Lawson family were descended from Norman nobility from the region of Taillebois, France. The Lawson family went on to produce the Lawson Baronets of Brough Hall, as well, before all titles of the family were removed in the English Civil War. This spurred John Lawson to make a new life as an explorer in the Americas, where his descendants survive to this day.

Among these descendants is Kyle Lawson, who, by right of nobility, established the Order of the White Rose; a knightly order. This Order grew and other subjects surrounded themselves around the Baron, until on the 20th of March, 2022, Baron Lawson declared himself the sovereign of a new and independent nation.


After declaring independence as New Kendal, the nation began a period of pursuing diplomatic relations, joining and forming alliances. In the first month of independence, New Kendal joined the United Micronations of America and the Gulf-Atlantic Union; passed the Provincial Reconstruction Act, which established the New Kendal Cherokee, formally annexed Hobungle and reorganized the Unorganized Forest Regions into Tarzana; and on April 13, signed the Treaty of Titus, annexing the Kingdom of Onionton as a Protectorate Province. In May, 2022, New Kendal spearheaded the formation of the Satanic World Order.


On April 13, 2022, New Kendal and the Kingdom of Onionton partook in negotiations for the annexation of Onionton into New Kendal, in exchange for economic aid. After coming to an agreement, Onionton entered a period of isolation and New Kendal published a document called the Treaty of Titus, making public the agreed terms of annexation. However, on July 10 later that year, Onionton reasserted its sovereignty as the newly formed Empire of Onionton, citing the failure of New Kendal's government in delivering promised economic aid. New Kendal claimed such failure was due to the method of financial transfer, and assumed the transfer of sovereignty was unaffected by this. Following this, New Kendal released the Woodland Declaration, recognizing the Empire of Onionton, and beginning a new period of friendly relations.


Following the death of Cashew, the last guard dog of Tarzana, on November 29, 2022, the coat of arms of Tarzana changed to feature a lantern around his neck, alongside his late brother, Thor, who had died years earlier.

May 6th Proclamation

On May 6th, 2023, the Baron made a proclamation, in which many changes were made to the nation, including chief among them the reclamation of Old Kendal and the transformation of the nation into Kendal.


The Sovereign Barony of New Kendal is composed of 6 territorial provinces located in the southeastern United States and one in northern England, as well as one non-territorial province.

Province Name Land Area Location Provincial Head Creation
Forest of Tarzana 10.8 acres Brooks County, GA Lord of the Forest Lawson March 20, 2022 (Reformed into Tarzana April 20, 2022)
Forest of Hobungle 1.2 acres Lowndes County, GA Lord Leonidas and Lady Alyssa April 20, 2022
Autonomous Band of New Kendal Cherokee N/A N/A Owl Chief Galvlo'i April 20, 2022
Esso-Terra 0.9 acres Lexington County, SC Shaman Vercingetorix August 1, 2022
Hilltop Republic 0.6 acres Johnston County, NC President Jacobson May 6, 2023
Old Kendal 0.05 acres Kendal, England Baron Lawson May 6, 2023
Fort Necessity 0.021 acres Lowndes County, GA Supreme General Ironhand May 6, 2023
Saint Mark Island 2.01 acres St. John's County, FL Captains Leonidas and Alyssa May 6, 2023


The Sovereign Barony of New Kendal is a confederated constitutional, stratocratic monarchy, established under the Constitution of New Kendal.

The Baron is the head of state and government in the Barony; a constitutional monarch constrained by the will of the National Assembly, composed of all voting peoples of the Barony.

Flag of the New Kendalian Militia
Symbols and information on the main three political factions in New Kendal.

The Barony composes a confederation of provinces, where each province’s internal affairs are largely governed by its local populace.

Due to the legal requirement of all citizens of fighting age to be members of the Militia, as well as a significant number of citizens being members of the Order, the Barony can well be described as a stratocracy.

The largest and most politically active factions within New Kendal are the Social Liberals, the Conservatives and the Anarchists.


The Baron is the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of New Kendal, which is composed of two parts; the Order of the White Rose and the New Kendalian Militia. The Order is composed of members who have sworn an oath to the Baron and to the Order, and the Militia comprises all citizens of fighting age, who can be organized and called upon by the Baron.

Flag of the Order of the White Rose

The Order and Militia are both composed of ground forces, armed with an assortment of rifles, shotguns, swords, clubs, spears and knives. Efforts are underway to increase the naval and aerial capabilities of the Armed Forces by way of boats and UAVs.

Foreign Relations

New Kendal has mutual recognition with 14 micronations: the Confederate States of America, the United Empire of Lachland & the Galactic, the Empire of Onionton, the Free Nation of New Athens, the County of L’Cinton, the Confederation of Malus, Mornastan, Newwelland, Palustria, the Kingdom of Narsiryn, the Imperial Kingdom of Salem, the Republic of Aelzaria and the Vladastock Confederation

New Kendal is a member of the Satanic World Order, the United Micronations of America and the Gulf-Atlantic Union.


Symbol of the Church of the Dragon

Ethnically, a majority of New Kendalites are of European heritage, with a sizable minority of mixed heritage. Religiously, the two largest religious groups are Southern Baptists and members of the Church of the Dragon; an eclectic religion combining Satanism, paganism and Eastern religion. A sizable number of New Kendalites are members of the LGBT community, in particularly transgender, bisexual, pansexual and asexual persons.


While German, Spanish and Cherokee are spoken to some degree within the Barony, the vast majority of New Kendalites speak English as their first, and often only, language. English has the sole official language status, and all government documents are published in English, while German, Spanish and Cherokee enjoy Official Minority Language status.


Due to the small size of the Barony, the nation is largely dependent on the United States economically. The Barony’s largest sources of revenue are in the employment of its citizens in the United States and the production of New Kendalian goods sold abroad, particularly art.

There is no current official currency within the Barony, however there are hopes to start a mint and both create gold and silver coins as well as print paper currency for use alongside the US dollar.

Government Programs

The Barony is underway in establishing programs centered around economic prosperity, environmental action and aeronautic / space programs.

Logo of the New Kendal Science Corps for Aeronautics Research (NK-SCAR)

These include efforts to produce green energy in New Kendal, establish a universal basic income, and to launch balloon-based aircraft into the stratosphere under the New Kendal Science Corps for Aeronautics Research (NK-SCAR).