Order of St. Thora

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Order of St. Thora
Seal of the Order of St. Thora
Awarded by the monarch of the Archduchy of Mimas
TypeDynastic order of knighthood
Established10 May 2015
MottoConvivii Sancta Thorae ("Banquet of Saint Thora")
Awarded forDistinguished work in the service of human rights and understanding
StatusCurrently constituted
FounderArchduke Christoph II
SovereignChristoph II
Grand MasterVictor Lárbero, 1st Duke of Nido d'Angelo
ChancellorSir Brian Helwater
  • Knight/Dame (KTH/DTH)

Ribbon of the Order of St. Thora

The Most Ancient Order of Sankt Thora is a Mimasian order of knighthood established in 2015 by Archduke Christoph II. It recognises distinguished work in the service of human rights and understanding. It was first founded as an international prize between micronationalists but soon evolved into a chivalric order. The present monarch, Archduke Christoph II is the sovereign of the order.

Admission remains at the discretion of the monarch after accepting nominated candidates from the knights of the order during March and April. The honoured individuals may use the styles of the order and the post-nominal letters.

Officers and grades

The reigning monarch is at the apex of the Order of St. Thora as its Sovereign, followed by the Grand Master. Below the Grand Master is one officer: the Chancellor. The styles of knighthood are not used by members of the royal family or peers of the uppermost ranks in Mimasian society, except for when a person's name is written in it's fullest form and would present all titles, styles and honours.

Grades of the Order of Saturn
Grade Knight/Dame
Prefix Sir/Dame
Post-nominal letters KTH/DTH

List of officers

The current officers of the Order of St. Thora are:

Notable recipients

  • H.E First Consul Clém Sanders of the Consulat of Surland - 2016

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