Victor Lárbero, 1st Duke of Nido d'Angelo

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His Grace

Victor Lárbero

Portrait of His Grace Victor Lárbero
Birth nameCharles Emile Victor Lárbero
Born22 April 1993 (1993-04-22) (age 30)
Ängelholm, Sweden
Allegiance Mimas
BranchMimasian Army
Service years2015-present
RankÖverste Colonel
Other workMachine Engineer

Victor Lárbero, 1st Duke of Nido d'Angelo (born April 1993) is a Mimasian peer and politician. He is styled His Grace Duke Nido d'Angelo and is also Lord High Chamberlain in Archduke Christoph II's Privy Council. Victor was made Commander of the Order of Saturn in December 2015, as a token of friendship and trust Christoph II appointed Victor to Grand Master of the Order of St. Thora.

Education and career

Victor was educated at Halmstad University in Sweden and graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Engineering. As of 2020 he works for a company that produces steel, building systems and ventilation systems.

Political Life

When Christoph II founded the Archduchy of Mimas he invited Victor early in the nation's development. Christoph II and Victor have known each other for a long time and Victor soon got interested in the micronational life and politics. In June 2015 he founded the Mimasian Center Party. Its ideology is liberal but with focus on a strong welfare state. They have stated the intention to create legislation to reform the peerage but no real suggestions have never been presented. The Mimasian Center Party was after the 2015 election the second largest party in the Royal Parliament. In a 2020 poll made by the Royal Parliament the Mimasian Center Party had grown with 9% making it almost equal in size with the ruling Mimasian Monarchist Party.


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