Sultanate of Unova

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Sultanate of Unova
Motto: Bersatu berusaha amalan kita (Malay)
"United diligence is our practice"
Official languagesMalay English
Recognised national languages
GovernmentFederal Islamic constitutional monarchy Democratic
• Sultan
Aliff I
• Bendahara / Prime Minister
Joseph Allero
LegislatureRoyal Council of Unova
Royal Parliament of Unova
Royal Chambers Of Discussions
• Establishment
16 April 2017
• Unification of Recanesia and Unova as the Unified Malay Sultanates
22 December 2021
• Disolution of the UMS and reestablishment
February 2022
• Estimate
CurrencyUnovian dollar (UD)
Time zoneUTC+8
Date formatdd/mm/yy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+60

Unova, officially the Sultanate of Unova, is a micronation located in Malaysia. Unova was established on 16 April 2017 by Alif Najmi, Prince Afif Fasih, Princess Adni Sofia of Sentosa.


The name "Unova" is derived from the Unova region in the Pokemon: Black & White Series.


King/Sultan Aliff Najmi declared Unova independence from Malaysia in the state of Saujana on 16 April 2017, resulting in Saujana becoming Unova's first state. After 5 days of its existence, Union was added into Unova as a state.


Kingdom Of Unova Era (16 April 2017- 26 March 2021)

Unova is a Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy, with the head of state being the current Sultan and the head of government being the Prime Minister, who is the leader of the ruling party. Either every 6 months or 1 year, citizens vote for their state governors in their respective state, who are chosen by their respective parties to partake in the elections. Unova has only 3 parties: the Unova Progress Party(UPP),Unova Simulrist Party (USP/VAST) and the Unova Islamic Party(UIP). Originally, a candidate for Prime Minister had to be a Malay citizen; however, in December 2019, the King signed an amendement of the Constitution, which granted other ethnicities and races to run for Prime Minister. The country 1 till 4th prime ministers are at some point elected by the king because during that time,Unova does not have alot of citizens. But the current prime minister of Unova is elected by the people of Unova,which makes him the first actual Prime Minister of Unova.

Sultanate Of Unova Era (26 March 2021- 22 December 2021)

(After the signing of the changing of government and law of Unova on 26 March 2021)Unova is Constitutional Monarchy and Governor Democracy, with the head of state and government being the sultan and his appointed Bendahara or Vizier in english as the administrator of government and head advisor to the Sultan. Bendahara is elected every 5 or 6 months by the Royal Council. The Royal Council consists of each representatives from all states and districts. Every month they will held a meeting to discuss the current issues regarding the nation with the Sultan and they will vote on laws and amendments if necessary. Among the members of the royal council are the 5 Pembesar Diraja or in english as the 5 Royal Leaders. These 5 royal leaders are The Bendahara(Grand Vizier), the Vice Bendahara(Deputy Vizier), Temenggung(Head Chief of Defence and Social security) , Minister of Islamic Affairs and Head of Diplomatic and Foreign Relations. All 5 of these Royal Leaders are directly chosen by the Sultan without the requirement of the agreement of Council(except for Bendahara). Unova also consist of 4 Government Ministers(Minister of Health, Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of Education,Minister of youth and Sports). The 4 Government Ministers are chosen by the Sultan with the consent of the Bendahara. The Bendahara helps the Sultan to administrate the 4 Government Ministries.

Greater Unovian State/Unified Malay Sultanates (22 December 2021-18 February 2022)

After the merger of Unova and Recanesia, Unova becomes one of the two greater states in the Unified Malay Sultanates. However the Unified new nation did not last long, and many Unovians were dissastified with the Government which comprises 90% of Unovian citizens.

New Sultanate of Unova Era (18 February 2022 – present)

On 18 February, the Sultan of Unova offcially declared Unova to be independent and free from UMS. After discussing with the Recanesian Sultan, both nations agreed to split and dissolve the Unified Malay Sultanates.

Sultans of Unova

1. 1 August 2017 - 13 March 2018: Sultan Khairur Rijal

Prince:*Aliff Najmi

2. 13 March 2018 - present: Sultan Aliff Najmi

Current Prince / Princes of Unova: Tengku Mahkota Ariff Daniel

Prime Ministers

  1. 2017 - 12 January 2018: Adni Sofia(Not Elected)
  2. 12 January 2018 - 24 June 2018: Afif Fasih(Not Elected)
  3. 24 June 2018 - 21 January 2019: Adni Sofia(Not Elected)
  4. 21 January 2019 - 30 December 2019: Afif Fasih(Not Elected)
  5. 30 December 2019 - 26 March 2021: Yap Kam Ming.(First elected Prime Minister)


  1. 26 March 2021 - 25 October 2021 : Ariff Daniel
  2. 25 October 2021- 18 February 2022: Shivendran Kathiraven
  3. 18 February 2022 – 1 April 2022: Joseph Allero
  4. 1 April 2022- 9 September 2022:Shivendran Kathiraven
  5. 9 September 2022-present: Joseph Allero

Royal Council

State Governors/ Senators

16 December 2022 onwards

  • Union - HRH Arif Daniel (NA/ UUC)
  • Saujana- TRH Danish Cammill (NRYP)
  • Sentosa - TRH Joseph Allero(Liberals/UUC)
  • Nagashimah - TRH Yap Kam Ming(PAP/UUC)
  • Hacadi - TRH Shivendran Kathiraven(PAP/UUC)
  • Makmuria - TRH Muhammad Muqri(PIS/APU)

Representative of Major Districts/Province -4

▪︎ Seremban (Hacadi) - Shivendran Kathiraven

▪︎Berlinia (Union) - Sergeant Official

Citizen Representative and Minor Representative Districts/Province - 10


Unova consists of 6 states and One Province: Union, Saujana, Sentosa, Nagashimah, Hacadi, Asmardana and Pulau Chine(Pro) , with the capital city being located in Union. Originally, Unova consisted of the first 3 states; however, Nagashimah was established in 2019, and Hacadi joined the Kingdom on 9 May 2020.

4 of the states are landlocked inside the Malaysian state of Selangor, while another is located in another Malaysian state, Johor. The province however is located in the south China Sea and it is one of the only land claims in Unova. The province also does not represent it self in the Royal Council of Unova and The Royal and Peoples Council of Unova

Name Flag Arms Capital Population Head Official Established
Hacadi Bandar Hacadia 6 Governor Shivendran 9 May 2020
Nagashimah Yap Capital 8 Governor Yap Kam Ming 29 December 2020
Saujana Emasputera 6 Governor Danish Cammil 16 April 2017
Union Union 7 Governor Ariff Daniel 21 April 2017
Sentosa Banda Acan 9 Governor Joseph Allero 25 August 2017
Sungai Belanda 4 Governor Muhammad Muqri 4 April 2022


Unova has a population of 40 citizens, 30 or more citizens of whom live within Malaysia.The State of Sentosa has the greatest population of all the Unovian States.

Country No. of citizens
Malaysia 30
Indonesia 8
Turkey 1
singapore 1


The primary working language and most commonly spoken language in Unova is English. In Unova, Malay is the National Langguage. However, Chinese ,English and Tamil is considered to be an official langguage in the nation as well. Many Unovian also have proficiency in speaking two or more langguages. A small minority of Unovians also knows how to speak Unovian Malay Dilect.


Unova is a half secular and half Islamic country. The nation's official religion is Islam which 66% of its citizen are Muslims while other minority religion also includes Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Adat Bangsarajja

Adat Bangsarajja or also known as Bangsarajja, is the royal customs of the Unovian Monarchy. It is currently still being used. The Customs exist in order to protect the rights of the Royal family and to protect the religion of Islam in Unova.

The Bangsarajja requirements for an heir or next in line to the Royal Throne are:

  1. Malay
  2. Muslim(A devout Muslim, who knows how to read the Quran, memorise verses and be an Imam)
  3. Berakal(Is able to think and have no health problems example:Not Disabled)

If a person does not meet these three requirements, than that person could not be crowned as Sultan or head of State of the Sultanate. The Adat Bangsarajja also states that the heir to the throne does not necessarily comes from the two Royal Families of Unova. Lowborn are also accepted as Sultan as long as they meet the three requirements. The Bangsarajja customs also lets female to be the Sultan of Unova, however these are very rare and the title must be changed to Sultanah. The customs also states that an heir can either be chosen by the Sultan or either be chosen by the Royal Family. The Royal Council of Unova(Its National Legislation) does not have any power to revoke or disagree on matters of who shall be the Sultan or the heir.

Bangsarajja customs when meeting the Sultan:

  1. Bow 90 degrees
  2. Adat Hormat(stick both of your hand palms together, place it on your forehead)
  3. Say Daulat Tuanku(Long May you reign)
  4. Finish
    Adat Hormat sultan

Bangsarajja customs when Sultan/prince/princes coronation:

Starts of with the Bendahara of Unova(Prime Minister) asking for the permission from the New Sultan to proceed the royal coronation. After getting the agreeing from the Sultan, the Bendahara steps back and announce the starting of the royal coronation.