Supreme Governor of the Church of Yalta

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Supreme Governor of the
Church of Yalta
Flag of Yalta and the Church of Yalta
Oswald I

since 1 May 2023
Church of Yalta
StyleHis Majesty
Member ofGeneral Synod
Term lengthLife Tenure
Inaugural holderOswald I
Formation1 May 2023
First holderOswald I
DeputyArchbishop of Yalta

The Supreme Governor of the Church of Yalta is the head of the Church of Yalta, a position which is granted to the Yaltan Monarch. Although the monarch's authority over the Church of Yalta is designed to be largely ceremonial and is mostly observed in a symbolic capacity, the position is still relevant to the church. As the supreme governor, the monarch formally appoints high-ranking members of the church such as the Archbishop of Yalta - the primate of the church.


The supreme governorship is the oldest religious office in the Kingdom of Yalta. It was established on 1 May 2023 by King Oswald I when the Church of Yalta was established.

List of Supreme Governors

Supreme Governors
Monarch Term Notes Archbishop
Oswald I 1 May 2023 - Present N/A Vacant

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