Travarcian Military

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The Travarcian Military is a very powerful army that defends Travarcia from attackers and sieges. The Military has many troops that protect and serve.


The Travarcian Military was created not long after Travarcia was founded by the three founding fathers: Alfred Harrison, Merle Sgwan and Winston Kensington. It was created to aid in the battle against 'The Wolf-Kittens'. Little did they know that at the end of the war, the Travarcian Military would have grown over 300%.

Recent Wars

Lately, the Travarcian Military has been recruiting more troops that ever before, and this is due to the tough reality that Travarcia is facing it's darkest days; with terrorists on the brink of stealing Travarcian intel, the Military needs to be fighting the war every day from the start to the end. Many troops have been tragically lost due to these unfortunate events.


The Travarcian Military has to be kept in order 24/7 due to the recent wars. Because of this the founding father Winston Kensington accidentally elected two people as the leader of the military, and they didn't realize this until they ordered one another to do something. Once they found out they both led the military, they chose the civilized option to lead side - by - side.

Current Leader(s): Not Available.