St. Paul

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St. Paul


Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)St. Paulene, Parthenian, Virgonese
EstablishmentDecember 22, 2012‎

St. Paul (Greek: Παρθένιον Parthénion; Kazakh: tbd), often called Parthenion or Virgo, was a territory of Nedland, and a former colony of Nyclos, Mouzilo and Grunkia, which claimed a small part of a Central Asian mountain range. Formerly quite active in terms of citizens, St. Paul is currently uninhabited and an overseas territory. On 24 October 2020, upon the reestablishment of relations between rival claimant Mahuset, the territory was unclaimed by Nedland as a signal of reestablished friendship, thus finally ending the 8-year history of the territory. Before its dissolution, St. Paul serves as a planned military and, most notably, an air force base.


What is now Parthenion was founded on December 22, 2012, as the "Grunkian Central Asia", a colony of Grunkia in the Asian continent bordering to Hasanistan. Several months later, the area successfully seceded from the Grunkian Commonwealth by the use of peaceful means, renamed itself to "Virgo", declared itself a Sultanate and was annexed by Nyclos in 2013. The Nyclonese administration abolished the Sultanate and made the region a province. This decision was positively received by the Virgonese population, who later saw their homeland's formation to an autonomous Sultanate within Nyclos once again.

Mouzilo, at the time an Empire, annexed Virgo from Nyclos in February 2013, putting the office of the Sultan into an end. Due to its relation with Hasanistan, Mouzilo officially renamed Virgo to Mouzeliot Hasanistan, though "Virgo" is still unofficially used today. Virgo also became an autonomous Republic, the second within Mouzilo. However, a claiming dispute with Nyclos and an attempted rebellion by the Virgo Independence Front saw the Mouzeliot rule in crisis. The people of Virgo finally started to have a positive view on Mouzeliot administration and more autonomy was awarded to Virgo. Later on, Nyclos fully transferred the region to Mouzilo.

Virgo was officially renamed to St. Paul on June 3, 2014, and all self-governing rights were taken away, making it an Ashukov Kraj equal to all other territories. On January 8, 2018 the region was renamed once again to "Parthenion" (Greek for "place of the virgins") to reflect its former name and history and it became one of the State's Duchies. Its first and current Duke is Asson Sakkarios.

In May 2020, Mouzeliot leader Manoulis Afentoulis ceded the territory formally to Nedland after a brief informal vote to claim the territory after Mouzilo's revocation of the claim. On 29 May 2020, the territory's name was ceded back to St. Paul, and Dutch and Mahusetan nationals were banned formally from entering the territory.


Parthenion under the rule of Nyclos was granted self-governing rights, following a popular decision; thus Virgo, as the region was then known, was given the ability to manage most of its own affairs. The region remained autonomous after being annexed by Mouzilo, but when the so-called "revolution" began, autonomy was taken away and wasn't given back prior to Hasan Çakar's taking over of the office of the Prime Minister. Autonomy was finally abolished on June 3, 2014, when the region became a Kraj. As of 2023 Parthenion is a semi-autonomous Duchy, ruled by a Duke appointed by the Basileus of Mouzilo. The Duchy's citizens are eligible to vote for their representatives in the Ducal Chamber.


There are plans for the construction of the main Air Force base of Mouzilo on the territory.

Military History

Parthenion has been the center of several conflicts over the territory's ownership. Such conflicts began in 2013 when the land first became a part of Mouzilo. Since then, 3 crises have struck the territory, all involving Mouzilo.

Virgo War of Independence
Virgo Civil War
Virgo-Mouzilo War (disputed naming)
Part of Mouzilo Civil War
Date3rd March 2013
Result Mouzeliot victory

Mouzilo Empire

  • Virgo
  • House of Afentoulis
Virgo Independence Group
Commanders and leaders
Manu II Unknown
2 2
Start Finish Name of Conflict Belligerents Outcome
Allies Enemies
3 March 2013 Virgo War of Independence Mouzilo Empire
  • House of Afentoulis
  • Mouzilo doesn't recognise the "rebellion".
  • Virgo stays a Mouzeliot colony.
  • The Virgo Independence Front dissolves.
2013 Virgo Colonial Crisis Mouzilo Empire Nyclos Virgo Treaty
  • Nyclos initially refuses to sign the treaty, does so under pressure.
  • Mouzilo annexes Virgo.
3 January 2017 8 January 2018 Virgo Territorial Dispute Politeia of Mouzilo
  • Parthenion
Mahuset Mahuset drops claim on the territory


  • December 22, 2012‎ - Virgo Independence Day

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