Socialist Republic of Vistelia

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Socialist Republic of Vistelia
Flag of Example
Coat of arms of The Republic Vistelia
Coat of arms
Anthem:  "March of Vistelia"
Composer : Piya Daengja
Adopted : 19 April 2023
Location of Example
Largest cityKarn
Official languagesThai, English
Recognised national languagesThai, English
Ethnic groups
100% thai
100% Buddhist
GovernmentMarket Socialism
• President
Amata Jindapol
• Independence
• Total
0.55329 km2 (0.21363 sq mi)
Time zoneIndochina Time
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft

The Socialist Republic of Vistelia, more commonly known as Vistelia, is a micronation based in Bangkok, Thailand. It was founded by president Pun Amata. Vistelia became independent in 3rd of September 2022. Vistelia is a Market Socialist country. The Socialist Republic of Vistelia is a successor to the Vistelian Federation. Vistelia is in the state of preparing democracy with a state "minimal as possible".


The name Vistelia Came from the word vista


Republic of Vistelia

The Republic of Vistelia was founded in 3rd of September 2022. It was founded alongside The Socialist Republic of Lucentia. Its government is a Representative Democracy.

Vistelian Federation

In the 3rd of April 2023 The Vistelian Federation era begun. Although it wasn't a Federation, it still claims itself as a Federation. It is a Social Democratic nation later becoming a Democratic Socialist nation

Socialist Republic of Vistelia

The 25 of August Vistelia yet again changed its ideology. Now a Socialist nation with syndicalist ideas. It changed its flag a few times. now following the idea of "Minimal state as possible".

Timeline of Vistelia's history

3/9/2022: Republic of Vistelia's law and order was created

3/9/2022: The creation of The bill of rights

3/9/2022: The Republic of Vistelia's flag was created

3/9/2022: The Republic of Vistelia's coat of arms was created

4/9/2022: The Republic of Vistelia's coat of arms was updated

12/3/2023: Vistelian Federation flag was changed

15/3/2023: New Coat of Arms Was Created

8/4/2023: Changed Coat of Arms

19/4/2023: Changed Anthem

23/4/2023: Fixed anthem

25/8/2023: Changed into the Socialist Republic of Vistelia

Politics and government

Law and order

  1. No one can torture any animals or human

Bill of Rights:

  1. Everyone has the right to live
  2. Everyone has the right to be free from torture, inhuman or degrading treatment
  3. Everyone has the right to be free from slavery and forced labor
  4. The right to freedom of expression
  5. The right to unionize


  1. Socialist Republic of Lucentia (3/9/2022)

Currently recognized nations

  1. Socialist Republic of Lucentia (3/9/2022)
  2. Kingdom Socialism Union of New Capanesia (4/7/2023)
  3. Empire of Huai Siao (3/7/2023)
  4. Kingdom of Queensland (3/7/2023)
  5. Christoph Chao City (3/7/2023)
  6. All UN Members

Foreign Relations

  1. Socialist Republic of Lucentia (3/9/2022)
  2. Kingdom Socialism Union of New Capanesia (4/7/2023)


  1. Alliance Inter Micronations
  2. International Workers Congress


No Currency to be used as it is a syndicalist nation

Culture and media

Thai is the official language.

List of national holidays


  1. Vistelian Independence day - 3/9
  2. Workers's Day - 1/5

Political Parties

Name Flag
Vistelian Communes Party (VCP)
Vistelian Glorious Party (VGP) N/A
Vistelian Democratic Party (VDP)


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