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The ZIC is a Intelliegence agency in the Zonian Confederacy. They run like the CIA. Before the 5 March 2010, they were a section of the ZUM.

Secret Service

The ZIC acts as a spy agency, secret police and Military Scouting Unit. They are top secret and its existence was only announced on the 1 March 2010. They have an unknown amount of agents.

Zonian Information Corp
Type:Intelliegence Agency
Leader:Nicholas Woode-Smith
MicronationZonian Confederacy


Each Agent has to be an expert information gatherer and able to fit one of the following sections. Field Intelligence, IT Spying or Infiltrator. One of the training exercises is to pick a random person out of a phone book and find out as much about that person as possible within a week.


Nicholas Woode-Smith | Nicholas Marzio | Nicholas Babaya | James Macey | Christiaan Hugo | Robin Visser

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