2019 Aswingtonian legislative election

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Aswingtonian parliamentary election, 2019

10 July 2019

All 10 seats in the National Assembly
5 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  File:Logo of the New Peoples Party.png
Leader Juan Cisneros Noah Woodgeard Albert Lorda i Cruz
Party Progressive Party New People's Party Democratic Party
Last election New Party New Party New Party
Seats won 5 3 2
Seat change 5 3 2
Popular vote 7 4 3
Percentage 50.00% 28.57% 21.43%

Prime Minister before election


Elected Prime Minister

Noah Woodgeard

Legislative elections were held in Aswington on 10 July 2019. Voters elected the ten members to represent them in the parliament. It was the first and so far, the only parliamentary election held in the country, since general elections were held later.


The government called for elections on 30 May.

Electoral Vote

In these elections the proportional representation is used, as well as the D'Hondt system to determine the number of seats obtained by the political parties in the election.

Subsequently, in the opening session of the National Assembly, an election of a Prime Minister is held, which will be elected by the members of parliament.


The Progressive Party announced its participation in the elections. Subsequently, two new political parties also announced their participation.

During the electoral campaign, the press team of Tagtabazar Times conducted interviews with Albert Lorda i Cruz, leader of the Democratic Party and Noah Woodgeard, leader of the New People's Party, with the purpose of making his proposals known to the population.

Opinion Poll

Pollster Release date DP NPP PP
Tagtabazar Times July 21, 2019 50% 33% 17%


Party Votes % Seats
Progressive Party 7 50.00 5
New People's Party 4 28.57 3
Democratic Party 3 21.43 2
Invalid/blank votes
Total 14 100 10
Registered voters/turnout 14 100