Administrative divisions of Slitronia

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Slitronia is divided into 1 county, 1 region and 1 territory.


The county of Parva Navale and the Territory of Kasari Islands were both founded on the same day Slitronia was founded, that being 11 April 2020. The County of Torostar was founded almost a year later, on 16 March 2021. The County of Kalamaja was founded on 28 May 2021. On 10 July 2022 the Region of Tallinn was founded. It was created from Parva Navale and Kalamaja, which were both made into cities, and from a newly formed area, Area of Pääsküla Lake.

Administrative divisions


Slitronia has 1 county. The status of the county is given to an administrative division, that has either people registered to live there or has suitable conditions to allow a person, if one wanted to, live there (it has already a building that could be lived in). Torostar goes under the second condition, because currently there are no people living there, but it has a residential building that could be used.

Flag Coat of Arms Name Area (km2) Population Date established
County of Torostar 0.278 N/A 16 March 2021


Slitronia has one region, that being the Region of Tallinn. Regions are bigger than counties and encompass usually many cities and areas, that are close to each other.

Flag Coat of Arms Name Area (km2) Population Date established
Region of Tallinn 0.166 10 10 July 2022


Slitronia has one territory, that being the Territory of Kasari Islands. The status of territory means, that currently there are no residential buildings located there, and nobody is registered as "living" there.

Flag Coat of Arms Name Area (km2) Population Date established
Territory of Kasari Islands 4.54 N/A 11 April 2020