Slitronian News

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Slitronian News
Slitroonia Uudised
Logo of Slitronian News
Logo of Slitronian News
AbbreviationSN (SU in Estonian)
FormationAround December 2021
FounderHGH Johannes I
TypeGovernment owned
Legal statusActive
PurposeNews coverage of Slitronia
Official language
Key people
HGH Johannes I
Formerly called
The Great Kingdom of Slitronia[Note 1]

Slitronian News is the official news agency of Slitronia, providing coverage of news related to the country. It was founded in December 2021 and operates as a government-owned agency.


Slitronian News aims to deliver comprehensive news coverage that encompasses a wide range of topics, including politics, economy, culture, sports, entertainment, and more. The agency provides information to Slitronian citizens, striving to keep them informed about the latest developments within the country.

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  1. The page used the same name as the country

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