Slitronian Mapping Institution

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Slitronian Mapping Institution
Slitroonia Kaardistamise Instituut
AbbreviationSMI (SKI in Estonian)
Established27 December 2021
FounderHGH Johannes I
TypeGovernment agency
Legal statusActive
PurposeMapping and updating of Slitronian maps
Official language
Estonian, English
Key people
HGH Johannes I

The Slitronian Mapping Institution is a government agency established in December 2021 by Great King Johannes I of Slitronia. Its primary objective is to create accurate maps of Slitronia and ensure the online map of the country remains up to date.


The Slitronian Mapping Institution was announced by Great King Johannes I on the nation's official Discord server on December 27, 2021. The institution was created with the aim of producing detailed maps of Slitronia and maintaining the accuracy of the online map.[1]


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