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Leader of Amberiana
Reign of The Unholy City of Amberiana 23 June 2022 - 5 November 2022 (Gregorian Calendar)/5 July 2022 - 28 November 2022 (Amberianan Calendar)
Reign of Kingdom of Amberiana 14 November 2022 - 4 December 2022 (Gregorian Calendar)/9 December 2022 - 1 Luna 2022 (Amberianan Calendar)
Reign of Empire of Amberiana 6 December 2022 - 30 December 2022 (Gregorian Calendar)/3 Luna 2022 - 27 Luna 2022 (Amberianan Calendar)
Reign of Second Empire of Amberiana 6 January 2023 - 13 March 2023 (Gregorian Calendar)/6 January 2023 - 15 March 2023 (Amberianan Calendar)
Reign of Republic of Amberiana 13 March 2023 - 27 April 2023 (Gregorian Calendar)/15 March 2023 - May 4 2023(Amberianan Calendar)
General of NPPU
General of NPPU 28 March 2023 - 27 April 2023 (Gregorian Calendar)/2 April 2023 - May 4 2023(Amberianan Calendar
Personal Information
Born 1 May 2007 (Gregorian Calendar)/May 8 2007 (Amberianan Calendar)
Oregon, Ohio w:United States of America
Citizenship *  United States
* Kenlygysztan
* New Capanesia
Nationality American
Home town Toledo, Ohio
Occupation * Filmmaker
* Poet
* Author
* Musician
* FRM Member
* Photographer
Religion Agnostic


Amber is a 16 year old girl who dreams of a better future for her kids, as well as other peoples' kids. This interest of giving young people a better life than she had is what sparked her interest in micronationalism. Amber was influenced by the ideas of a fellow micronationalist, Christopher P. of Cristoria. With her interest at an all time high, and her hopes high for success, she set out to form a micronation, which would later be known as Amberiana. However, Amberiana would later be dissolved indefinitely on April 27, 2023, due to privacy concerns, and Amber feeling like she was spending too much time on micronationalism.

There were many forms of Amberiana. It started off as a big middle finger to religion, Christianity in particular, the name being The Unholy City of Amberiana. This lasted for around 4 and a half months, until this failed. 9 days later, on the 14th of November, 2022, Amber founded the Kingdom of Amberiana. This lasted for a little under a month, until the nation collapsed on the 4th of December, 2022. 2 days after the fall of the kingdom, Amber founded the Empire of Amberiana. The empire was around for 24 days until its collapse on the 30th of December, 2022. Then, a week later, on January 6th 2023, Amber would go on to found the Second Empire of Amberiana. This, like every previous attempt, was short lived, as on the 13th of March, 2023, the empress had changed the government from a monarchy to a democracy. On March 13th, 2023, the Republic of Amberiana was founded. This date was known in Amberiana as Republic Day, a national holiday in Amberiana.

Amber decided to change her government for many reasons. The biggest being that many micronations around her were also making the change, and that monarchism no longer fell under her beliefs.

Amber, when she first decided to form a micronation, was unsure of anything. She didn't know a name, flag, what her title or government type would be. But this did not stop her. The first few mentions of micronationalism from Amber happened in late May and early June of 2022. However, Amberiana had not been officially founded until June 23rd, 2022. This date was known in Amberiana as Independence Day.

Amber used to be a pacifist. With this, she promised herself to never declare war on any nation, no matter the circumstances. Her beliefs of pacifism have since changed, and she even joined the Republic of Cristoria in the Second War on Gorthalism. She also used to be an isolationist, choosing to work on her nation, and only her nation, unless specifically requested by her only ally at the time, Cristoria. Her isolationist policies and ideas have since changed, as shown by her activity in the micronational community before the dissolution of her nation.

Currently, Amber holds citizenship in 3 nations. One of these nations, the United States of America, is a macronation. The other four nations are micronations. She also holds citizenship in Kenlygysztan. This is due to their position in NPPU, and one of NPPU's articles requiring each member state to give citizenship to the leader of every other member state citizenship. As of now, this citizenship has not been revoked, so she still retains the citizenship, despite her no longer being part of NPPU. The third micronation to give her citizenship was New Capanesia, a nation in Thailand. She was given this state of citizenship after she applied for it, and was awarded it. However, she also held citizenship in Amberiana before the dissolution.

Currently, she plans on making a return to micronationalism in 2024, as she will not be as busy then. However, she claims that she will not revive Amberiana, and will instead form a new nation.

Micronational Career

Amber's micronational career, while short, was still somewhat extensive. She was the leader of the Cristorian Reconstruction Party, a political party in Cristoria, before dissolving the party along with her nation. Her nation was in two alliances, SNOP, which is an alliance that was formed by Cristoria, and NPPU, an alliance formed by Amberiana itself. She was also the leader of the Amberiana Founder's Party in Amberiana.

She had taken part in one micronational war, the Second War on Gorthalism. This war was fought alongside SNOP and ended in a draw. However, she had pledged to defend her allies, should another war break out. As of Amberiana's dissolution, her allies were anyone in SNOP at the time, and the micronation of Kenlygysztan, which was the third member state of NPPU, after Amberiana and Cristoria.

After Amber saw everything that happened during the Second War on Gorthalism, she felt as though her nation could possibly be in danger, as a majority of SNOP stayed inactive in the war. Because of this, she created NPPU, and mere hours after its formation, she admitted Cristoria into the alliance. The next day, Kenlygysztan was admitted as the third member state. The Socialist Republic of Hoku requested admission, but was ultimately denied. Amber told the Hokuian government that they may submit a new request 3 months later.

Amber has lead every previous instance of Amberiana, from The Unholy City of Amberiana all the way to the republic.

Amber has fought in every war Amberiana has participated in. She was in charge of the military in both of the Amberianan Civil Wars, and won one of these wars. She also supported Cristoria in the Second War on Gorthalism, which ended in a draw.

Awards and Honors

Amber had been awarded many awards throughout her micronational career. She claims to no longer hold these awards, as she no longer wants anything to do with micronationalism. However, before she left micronationalism, she had been awarded every Amberianan seal, and one Cristorian medal, the Order of Christopher I

Interests, Social Life, Early Life

Amber was born to her mother and father, neither of whom will be named. She was born in Northwestern Ohio, near Toledo, but her mother having been living in Toledo, that is where Amber lived. Amber was born on May 1st of 2007, being the 4th child from her father, and the 2nd from her mother. Her birthday, May 1st, was also a national Amberianan holiday, known as Founder's Day.

Amber was a strange child, mostly interested in video games when her friends were interested in going outside, riding their bikes around the neighborhood, and playing cops and robbers with their Nerf guns. This caused her to be made fun of, but it never stopped her. Even now, she plays video games most days. She was also very uninterested in anything having to do with music, having hated it in her childhood, this changed later on.

Amber's entire life changed when her grandma had bought her a guitar when she was 9, though she never used it until she was 14. At this point in time, Amber has 4 instruments, and is planning on getting a 5th.

Around Amber's 9th birthday, she started taking a big interest in music. Her favorite artists being Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran, and James Arthur. This interest in music, as well as the fact that she liked to sing and was good at it, caused her family to convince her to join her school's choir. This is thought to be the whole reason she started making music herself.

She is currently a sophomore in high school, and is on track to graduate in 2025, though she plans to go to university to get a master's degree in social work, so her work is far from over.


Amber is part of many communities, having been very active both online and in real life in the past few years. Though none of these communities are micronational.


She has voice acted for 2 projects, which she has, so far, refused to release to the public. She claims to be embarrassed about these projects, as she only did them to expand her portfolio. Though, she claims to be happy that she participated in these projects, as it gave her some insight into the world of voice acting. She is also currently part of a voice acting project, which she chooses to keep private to keep her identity secret.

She is also part of 2 acting projects. One of these projects is her own project, which she has not decided a title for yet. Currently, she is still writing the script for it. She is saying that it will be a short film, and will be released on YouTube sometime in 2025 or 2026. The other acting project is her school's review of the play, Dear Evan Hansen. She is set to play Connor Murphy, and will most likely be singing 3 songs. The first being a Broadway-only song, Disappear, the second being a movie-only song, A Little Closer, and the third being a Broadway and movie song, Sincerely, Me. It is said that this review will be done sometime in early to mid May.


Amber is a poet, and is hoping to go to an art school in her city, in which she will participate in the creative writing program. Currently, she has released 4 collections on Wattpad[a], and is working on a 5th. She has chosen to keep these all a secret, to preserve her identity, as she has put many personal details in her poems.

Amber also is in the process of writing a book. Currently, she is hoping to have the book be finished sometime between 2027 and 2030. This book is her third attempt at writing a book. The first, a physical copy, having been lost in the process of moving, and the second having been lost after it had been mistakenly deleted by Amber, while she was clearing out files on her computer. She is currently following many writers on TikTok, and actively participates in discussions about writing on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook.


Amber makes music. She claims that she does not like calling it any specific genre, as she has combined multiple. She combines country, pop, rap, and indie music in a sort of hodgepodge[b] of music. She claims that it is not a genre, but an art. Currently, she is in the process of making an album that will consist of 9 songs.

She has made multiple connections throughout the music industry. Currently, she is personal friends with the lead singer of a punk rock band in her city that has over 1,000 listeners per month, has contact with an independent pop musician with nearly 50 listeners per month, and personally knows an independent rapper with nearly 500 listeners per month. She also has connections with many small time and big time artists and bands, through her grandfather.


Also through her grandfather, Amber has connections with American politics. He has met politicians like Dick Cheney, former Vice President of the United States, Wade Kapszukiewicz, incumbent Mayor of Toledo, Ohio, Paula Hicks-Hudson, former Mayor of Toledo, Ohio, incumbent Member of the House of Representatives, from the 44th District of Ohio, and former Toledo City Council member, Marcy Kaptur, incumbent Member of the House of Representatives, from the 9th District of Ohio, and multiple magistrates and other members of both state and federal governments. Amber, herself, has met the past two mayors of Toledo, Wade Kapszukiewicz, and Paula Hicks-Hudson. These instances were due to her involvement in her school's leadership program. Both Amber and her grandfather have had fiery debates with politicians.

Amber is also very active in many political communities and groups. These communities are on Reddit, Facebook, and Discord.

She has over 2,000 karma[c] on Reddit, 1,060 of this being post karma, and 959 being comment karma. The rest of her Reddit karma comes from awards. This karma has came from her passionate debates and long conversations, debates, and discussions on political subreddits.[d]


Amber is very interested in music. She writes, produces, and records music. As of now, she has only posted covers of songs on YouTube. Some of these songs include Let It Go - James Bay, Let Her Go - Passenger, This Is Home - Cavetown, and others. As of now, she has no public covers, as she took them all down. This was for varying reasons. Reasons such as copyright issues, not liking them, and privacy issues.

Currently, Amber has 4 instruments. She has an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard, and ukulele. She plans on, once she has the money, buying a bass guitar, drum set, and a new acoustic guitar, as her current one is run down and old. Currently, she is at an intermediate level with guitar and ukulele, and at a beginner level with keyboard/piano. Currently, she spends nearly 10 hours each week on guitar practice, and 2 on keyboard practice.

Social Media and the Internet

Amber has been on social media for a majority of her life, with her first account being a Facebook account, made in 2016. In the early years of her Facebook account, she would post memes, silly pictures of herself and her pets, and would often be tagged in her family's posts. This was her first introduction to social media.

Amber's second instance of social media would begin in February of 2020, with TikTok. She started a TikTok account and posted 4 videos on her account. She would mostly follow trends and get little to no views. This discouraged her from participating in social media for some time, but this would later change in 2021.

In 2021, Amber started posting more often on her TikTok account. It started with posts nearly every week, but quickly transitioned to daily posting, and sometimes posting multiple times a day. This, while unhealthy, led to her amassing followings on multiple accounts. Her biggest account, which has now been deleted, had over 20,000 followers at its peak. However, she chose to delete her account due to being unhappy with her following, as many of them were incredibly transphobic. She has also had other accounts. One with 1,000 followers, another with 800, and the one with the smallest following has a total of 53 followers.


Despite Amber's very progressive views, she wasn't always like that. In mid to late 2020, she had very right leaning political views. She was first introduced to these ideas by her mom's boyfriend at the time, who will not be named. She, being too immature to understand, agreed with everything he said. This eventually led to her following a lot of right leaning people on social media, and agreeing with their viewpoints. This caused her to hate herself, as she thought transgender people, like herself, were mentally ill, and needed to be institutionalized.

However, her political views started getting more progressive after she had started being friends with a lot of BIPOC people and people that were part of the LGBTQ+ community. These friends helped her see the errors of her ways, and she slowly stopped hating herself as much. She also became a very accepting person, and now loves to show her pride of who she is as a person.


Amber has multiple health issues, as she comes from a family full of them. One of the most notable is a heart condition that causes one to pass out due to poor blood circulation. This is easily manageable by drinking plenty of fluids and having an above-average sodium intake. This has caused her multiple problems. She has passed out on numerous occasions while attempting to deal with governmental issues, which is a danger to her nation. However, she has since fixed her diet, and started taking her cardiologist's recommendations.[e]

Amber also has mental health issues. These date back to her childhood, where she was neglected and abused. Her past abuse caused her to be diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, more commonly known as PTSD, as well as Major Depressive Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder Moderate Recurrent Episode, Excoriation[f], and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. These mental health issues have had a major impact in her micronational career, and is part of the reason she chose to start a micronation in the first place. She felt disrespected and rejected by society and those around her, just because she was mentally ill. She felt as though nobody saw her as a real human because of her diagnoses. This, along with a few other reasons, sparked her interest in micronationalism, as she wanted to provide a safe space for those who are mentally ill, and are rejected from society for it.

Amber has also been diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria, a condition in which someone is unhappy with their perceived gender. This condition can cause many issues, such as low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, among other things.


Amber's PTSD has affected her micronational career in many ways. One of these ways are her refusal to participate in micronational affairs during the time of The Unholy City of Amberiana, Kingdom of Amberiana, and Empire of Amberiana. Her refusal came from a fear of rejection that she had previously experienced in all forms of going out of her comfort zone.

This has also affected Amber's micronational career by her disassociating[g] and starting the First Amberianan Civil War. This war ended in a loss for Amberiana, and the dissolution of the nation. Of course, the nation would come back later on, after she had "snapped out" of her disassociating.

Major Depressive Disorder & Major Depressive Disorder Moderate Recurrent Episode

Both of these mental illnesses were caused by a large amount of trauma happening in Amber's personal life in quick succession, leading to her feeling unhappy all the time. These mental illnesses have caused some disruption in Amber's micronational career, as it makes it hard for her to get out of bed some days. This leads to inactivity at times, which can cause trouble for Amberiana.


This has not affected Amber's micronational career in any way. Though, it does slightly affect her public image, as her hands look slightly torn apart. While she has not made any public appearances, she has vowed to wear gloves until she can treat her excoriation, so as to not allow people to see the state of her hands, as she is insecure about them.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

While Amber suffers from a lot less anxiety than she used to, she still qualifies for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. This has caused her to be very cautious in some decisions, and sometimes can cause inactivity. This is what caused her to impose isolationist policies in the first few renditions of Amberiana. It's also what caused her to form absolute monarchies, as she wanted to be absolutely sure there would be no corruption in her nation. Her though process was that she knew she wasn't corrupt, but she couldn't be sure about anyone else.

Gender Dysphoria

Though Amber, her image, and Amberiana have not suffered any negative affects by Amber's gender dysphoria, it is what caused her to remain completely anonymous, until very recently, when she showed a picture of the back of her head on her microwiki, and made a microwiki page of her cat. She feared that people would judge her based on her masculine appearance, and decided to keep her looks completely hidden from the public. This was only exemplified by transphobic comments made by a fellow micronationalist.


It is not incredibly well-known that Amber has ADHD. Though a few micronationalists know of this, she tends to keep it private. However, she has recently stopped being ashamed of her ADHD, and is now making it publicly known. She is doing this in an attempt to help get rid of the stigma around ADHD.

Her ADHD is not known to have affected her micronational career in any way, other than causing her to get sidetracked from micronational affairs at times. However, this has not caused any major downsides or negative affects.


  1. Wattpad is an online writing service where people can write novels, poetry, books, and other forms of literature.
  2. A mixture of multiple different "ingredients"
  3. "Karma" is a term that is exclusive to Reddit, and is a sort of internet point system to show off one's "fame" on Reddit.
  4. Post karma is obtained through people upvoting, or as it is known on other sites, liking, a post. Comment karma is obtained through people upvoting comments. Award karma is obtained through both gifting and receiving "awards." These awards are digital awards that can either be given for free by Reddit themselves, or purchased with coins on Reddit. Coins cost real money.
  5. She is still at risk of passing out, just less likely
  6. Excoriation is a condition in which an individual picks and/or chews at their skin. This is usually done on the fingers.
  7. Disassociating is the act of disassociation. Disassociation is when an individual may disconnect from their sense of individuality. This can lead to memory loss, impulsive and out of character behavior, among other things. Disassociation can last anywhere from seconds to months or years.