Syndicate Nations of Prosperity

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Syndicate Nations of Prosperity
Subdivisions within the Macronational World that contain SNOP member states
Formation8 June 2022 (17 months ago) (2022-06-08)
TypeMilitary and economic alliance
Headquarters New Toledo[a]
Member states
Official language
Christopher P.
Expenses (2023)$32

The Syndicate Nations of Prosperity (SNOP) is an economic and military alliance between five member states; one member state being located in Europe and the other four being located in North America.


On 8 June 2022, following the acquisitions from the Gorthian Federation against the Kingdom of Cristoria for a cyber-attack, the Parliament took immediate action and founded an alliance, for providing protection if also given to other member states.

Following the acquisitions, an active war was declared by the two belligerents, more commonly known as the First War on Gorthalism. This war would be the first that SNOP had seen.

Following the collapse of the Kingdom of Huntia in August of 2022[1], SNOP had seen it's first victory militarily.

In December of 2022, the Kingdom of Cristoria had collapsed, leaving SNOP's leader title vacant[b], until January of 2023, when Cristoria reclaimed the title under the Republic of Cristoria.

During the political reestablishing of the Socialist Republic of Cristoria, adelegate from the Gorthian government. The Cristorian government saw this as a declaration of war and SNOP had entered it's third war, that being the Second War on Gorthalism, and finalizing the war with the victory during Operation: Blazing Glory, until the Treaty of Jwanczuk was offered.[2]

On 13 June 2023, the Holstonian Empire and the Federal Dynasty of Gorthia had their membership revoked after leaving unprofessionally with no further elaboration. This would lead Christopher P. to suspect he as the Commander of SNOP did something wrong, therefore making an announcement to SNOP as followed:

Today, I do not know exactly when because I was at work, but sometime today the following nations left SNOP with no explanation simultaneously.

• Holstonian Empire

• Federal Dynasty of Gorthia

Due to their lack of communication, I do not know what I as the commander did wrong, and I will prohibit them from reentry.

Following the incident, Christopher P. stated he would not allow the Holstonian Empire nor the Federal Dynasty of Gorthia rejoin the Syndicate Nations of Prosperity.

Throughout late July and early August 2023, tensions between the Federal Dynasty of Gorthia began rising. Principally due to what Christopher P. deemed was "unprofessional and undiplomatic" after Dynast Dylan temporarily "quit" being the Dynast of Gorthia and when questioning the former dynast about it, Christopher P. stated he was ghosted.

Following these tensions, two nations joined the Syndicate Nations of Prosperity, those being the Orange Republic of Rooseveltia and the Holstonian Empire once more. Christopher P. clarified that he'd give Holstonia another chance as "times were desperate".


In order for a micronation and or a macronation to recieve membership, they must read the document provided by the Commander of SNOP and must ratify it via their national legislature to ensure that they are aware of what they are entering.[3]

Following the ratification of the entry document, each applicant must complete the survey created by Christopher P. in April 2023 to protect the alliance from having "degenerate" nations join.[4]

Each member state must be agree upon defending all other member states in the event of an attack. Each member state is obligated to assist in any conflict involving any other member state as an attack on one is an attack on all. Each member state does hold the right not to participate if they are in heavy distress or in a state of emergency.


The structure of SNOP composes of a council, composed of delegates from each member state meeting at the desired location that is chosen. Each member state will have one seat and will have the freedom to express what they think is imperative and beneficial to the Syndicate Nations of Prosperity.


  1. All members are obligated to meet within Cristorian borders, if possible. If not, members can improvise with Discord or Google Meet.
  2. Many micronations and micronationalists alike offered to take the title as commander, but all were denied by Christopher P.


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