Emperor of the Mohawks

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Emperor of The Mohawks
Tom Martin
StyleHis Majesty
Heir presumptiveElective Monarchy
First monarchSebek Lark
Formation2003 (de facto, 2013 de jure)

The Emperor of the Mohawk Nation is a title bestowed upon those who have either inherited or been elected to the position. It is exclusive to the Mohawk Nation and only an official Mohawk or an approved non official Mohawk may hold the title.


The first de-facto emperor of the Mohawks was Sebek, when he united the Mohawk Nation in 2003, from Team Time and the Northern Group. He held this role until 2008, when the Mohawk Nation was abolished in the Treaty, which was to last until 2013.

When the Treaty expired in September 2013, Emperor Ben Cain of DEONQED took up the role, and DEONQED claimed the mantle to be the spiritual centre of the Mohawk Nation. Emperor Adam I of Adammia inherited the title in 2014, whereupon he disowned it in December 2014. Following this, the Mohawk Empire was started as the new spiritual centre of the Mohawk world with Tom Martin as its new Emperor. The Mohawk Empire became a significant micronational power when Emperor Thomas was elected to be the new Emperor of Borealia.