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Founded 8, June, 2018
dissolved 24, April, 2023
Headquarters EricsBanken, 3rd Bell square Alox (Federalia)
Type Bank, Monetary entity
Employed 2
Banker Planck Cat

EricsBanken was a micronational Bank and monetary service, funded and operated by the Federalian Government, who controls the economy within Federalia. The bank was composed of a shelf with a File Archiver and a ring binder. All money was stored there as well as other wealth objects. It was property of the RFP party thanks to the new policies.


EricsBanken was funded through the 2018 Federalian independence and constitution treaty and it figures in the ancient map of Federalia. Originally it was called Central Bank of Federalia till the new policy changed the names of all locals to fit more the Unification and Nationalization process. Then the institution was directed by Planck cat.

The building

It firstly was built on 3rd Bell Square but due to expansions changed the 1st of July of 2018 to were it stood for more than a year in 4th Bell Square. Then throught the new Policy the Bank was reinsured and rebuilt in the original location of 3rd Bell Square as being an entity annexed as a property to the Rightwinged Federal Party.


Its formal occupation was to preserve the economic income and outcome, be a public bank and held all the budget of Federalia. It used the Federals that were invented in 2018 and is still used now. The EricsBanken tried to stabilize the Federal to be the same as 0,1 €. It also had the biggest numismatic collection of the country with different coins of the world.

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