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Capital of the Federalian State and Capital of the region of New Federalia
Official seal of Alox
Coat of arms of Alox
Etymology: From a literary work
Virtutem Obligandi Obtineat
Nation capitalFederalia
ColonyNew Federalia
Established24 April 2015
Founded byIts royalty Eric the first
 • TypeAuthocracy
 • BodyChancillery
 • President of FederaliaHonorous Eric The First (Right Socialistic National party(Only allowed))
 • Capital of the Federalian State and Capital of the region of New Federalia0.0142 km2 (0.0055 sq mi)
 • Land0.0142 km2 (0.0055 sq mi)
 • Water0 km2 (0 sq mi)  <1%
 • Urban
0.0097 km2 (0.0037 sq mi)
 • Rural
0.0045 km2 (0.0017 sq mi)
 • Rank1st (of Federalia rank)
 • Length0.007 km (0.004 mi)
 • Width0.005 km (0.003 mi)
70 m (230 ft)
 • Capital of the Federalian State and Capital of the region of New Federalia2
 • Density58.4/km2 (151/sq mi)
 only counting full citizens
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)[[w:UTCCEST|UTCCEST]] (+2)

Alox was the formal capital of Federalia and capital of the region of New Federalia . It helded the 90% of the services of the country and all the budget. Its first mention was on the declaration of independence.


It comes from the book written by President Eric itself called "Fomonia". In it narrates a fictitious world evolution history. Alox was featured as the first city of the book so it stood as a good name to Represent the ancestral city.


Federalian History was all recompiled on an annual book called Federalian Chronicals.

=2015: It states that the city was founded because on an episode of a tv show where two brothers having an argument divided  their bedroom and treat it like a realm. This gave User:Honorous Eric the first an idea, make his own country inside my bedroom. To inform about this he made a statement explaining the new Optics effects optics city.

=2016: It began the installation of more efficient services such as "The journalist"(a newspaper to advertise a clock)  and a new economic system with monopoly bills.

=2017:Signature of the Convivence treaty [1 year and 5 months before the time contrincant].Suffered big pause.

=2018:There was an attempt to reinstall the monarchy with the tricoloured flag. Finally, Federalia installed the democracy on 8 of June. Finally it were installed the best services such as a bank and a postal service. The famous fair of August, The event that changed and remodeled all the stores and the money and the souvenirs. There was a rivalry with the other city, the capital Noigas. There took place the microolimpiads between Federalias. The West Niuhunsey war started when both feds wanted the salt mines from west Nihunsey. Ending by a peace treaty and the fall of Noigas.

=2019/2020: Both Feds, weakened by the war, tried to reunite under the federal union yet everyone would still make their job independently. The collapse cause the second west Niuhunsey war(20/22 of January 2019).Another pause where all services become rudimentary. President Ray of New-Federalia inauguration(14 sept 2019)

=2020/2021In July the 22th 2020 new ideas were flourishing. A new idea to end all poisoning external influences from Federalian soil. All restrictions fall onto all foreign ideas that must be erased. This was called year zero. Alox occupied New Federalia (25/Dec/2020) for the Reunion of the Federalias (20/Jan/2021). The presidency of Ray was the strongest between both New-Federalia. When he left office the unification  (18 Jun 2021 ).There were approved 4 tables of 76 laws according to Ericnian life plans. All institution were back as the EricsBanken, the EricsChancillery and the Ericsfeld. All National and unity spirit was back to save Federalia from the void. Annexation of a new Colony to built New Federalia there(West Zone) and East zone. 5th of July ingression to the Euro-American Micronational Alliance., the Iosoa Union Micronations and the League of Independent Nations


The city was mainly influenced by its industry and its services that brings up to nearly 90% of all the country's income. It was also who held all the budget (because the EricsBanken supported this region) and also is the only one who could print money, stamps and produced weaponry. There the industry was underdeveloped but artisanal could produce enough to satisfy the population.


It was an unicameral system administrated by the EricsChamber. The EricsChancillery controlled the Region of Alox, New Federalia and the state. All ways of goverment were centralized there, thats why was an Authocracy.The leader party(Right Socialistic National party),the Only allowed, controlled everything through the city. The major was also the President of Federalia Honorous Eric The First


It was a small territory of 0.0142 squared kilometers. From this 0.0342, 0.0097 squared are urban(about the 68%) and the rest 0.0045 was the rural East zone(about the 22% of the city). There was no superficial covered by water in the city. Due to be the only settlement, Alox was the main city in all ranks. It had a length of 7 meters per 5 meters and an elevation of 70 meters over the sea. All full citizens of Federalia lived inside the city. There were only 3 citizens living at its peak.


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