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Goat Seal since June 2018.
Founded 8, June 2018
Headquarters EricsReichArchive, 4th Bell square Alox (Federalia)
Status Active
Type Archive, Postal Office
Workers 1 person
ReichArchiver Planck Cat
National Federalian Party(Rightwinged Federalian Party)

The EricsReichArchive is an administration inside Federalia that runs the National Federalian Party(also called the RFP or the Rightwinged Federalian Party). Its located right next to the EricsChancillery and opposite to the EricsBanken. Is composed by a shelf of 4 levels.


The Archive is made to last all catastrophic events and ensure the proper protection of the sensitive material held inside. It also has the function to catalogue important documents from the Federalian culture and the administration of all political and military documentation. It has a secondary function as a postal service to send and receive packages, letters or to manufacture stamps. A stamp cost between 1 and 2 Federals. They also choose the design of the stamps itself, if its necessary to commemorate something. It also holds a small shop with products only purchasable with Federals while being on the Nation.


Similar to EricsBanken it was funded on June 2018. Initially stood on the 4th of Bell square being only a small shelf with only a mail and few stamps in it. It changed to the 3rd of Bell Square with the EricsBanken because the structure couldn't hold the bank. By 2019 it annexed all the documents to create the Ericnian Alexandrian (a rudimentary EricsReichArchive) finally he bought all the Ericnian library and printing press. The printing press printed around 8 different books during all 2020. Currently, the EricsReichArchive was recovered together with the EricsBanken on the 24 June 2021 on its original place, the 4th of Bell Square.


Inside the archive there is all paintings, music sheets and books approved by the Party and the EricsChamber to be pure catalogued and kept under a globe with the goat insignia. There is also all real books from students Encyclopedia to the Bible.

Down there is the Shop that use to be by his own called the Trending Company(The old place of the shop is now a part of the EricsMuseum). It sells stickers, tickets and postcards.

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