Gwladcoeden General Elections (list) 2021-2022

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This is a list of Gwladcoeden General Elections (elections for the Senedd) since May 2021. The Senedd is a democratically elected body consisting of 9 members, It's elected using an electoral system known as Panachage which is a form of Open List Proportional Representation.

List of elections

Twenty Twenty-One (2021)

Two parties collapsed after the May 2021 election, those parties were the Christian Peoples Party and the Kings Party. The July election had to contend with the introduction of the Solidarity Party and the expansion of the Senedd from five to nine seats. In October an electoral alliance named Popular Front was formed between Plaid Diwylliant Cymry Gwladcoeden and the Labour Party.

Election Dates Winning Party Winning Party
Percentage (%)
Turnout Pendraig

May 2021 Gwladcoedeg
General Election
16 May 2021
19 July 2021

Labour Party
37.3% 88% Iacof ap Antoni

July 2021 Gwladcoeden
General Election
19 July 2021
25 Oct 2021
24.15% 52%

Oct 2021 Gwladcoeden
General Election
25 Oct 2021

Popular Front
29.66% 35%
Ned Fram

Twenty Twenty-One (2022)