Imperial Assembly of Atiera

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Assembly of the Second Empire of Atiera
2nd Assembly
HousesLegislative body of the Second Empire of Atiera.
Alexander I
Since 22 November 2021
Michael Shepard
Since 30 March 2022
William Cooper, CCF
Since 15 March 2021
Leader of the Opposition
Length of term
6 months
Last election
15 March 2022
Next general election
30 May 2022

The Imperial Assembly of Atiera, commonly referred to as the Assembly, is the sole unicameral legislative body of the Second Empire of Atiera and the main body of the legislative branch of government. The Assembly is ceremonially headed by the sovereign, but officially lead by the Chancellor and chaired by the speaker of the assembly.


Constituency Name
County of Camelot Seat 1 The Honourable
Michael Shepard
Seat 2 The Honourable
Sander Koff
County of Amicae Seat 1 The Honourable
Jayden Dagsa
Seat 2 The Honourable
Carson Snyder
County of Riviere Seat 1 His Excellency
William Cooper
County of Gaia Seat 1 The Honourable
Jan Muñoz