Imperial Council (Paravia)

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Imperial Council
Coat of arms or logo
Upper House
Monarch and Chairman
High Chancellor
Lise Næsheim-Renwick
Seats3 (max. 3)
Partially appointed by the Emperor, partially elected
Last election
19 Feb. 2016

The Imperial Council (Norwegian: Riksrådet) is the upper house of the Paravian Riksting and the unicameral legislative body of the Paravian Crown Lands.

The Imperial Council was established on 29 November 2014 upon the independence of Paravia. The Council consists of 3 voting members, the 2 chancellors, appointed by the emperor, and the popularly elected High chancellor. Whilst the Emperor holds a seat in the council and acts as its chairman, he is not allowed to vote. Legislation passed in the Chamber of Delegates is passed on to the Imperial council for further debate and approval, at which point it is sent to the Emperor for Imperial Assent.


From its establishment in November 2014 until the signing of the Treaty of Nyros on the 21st July 2016, the Imperial Council acted as the unicameral legislature of the empire. Following the treaty however, Paravia became a federation, and a new bicameral legislature, the Riksting, was founded. However, under the treaty and the subsequent Constitution act of 2016, the Imperial Council became the upper house of the Riksting, whilst simultaneously acting as the unicameral state legislature of the Paravian Crown Lands. Upon the dissolution of federalism and the establishment of a de facto absolute monarchy following the Coup of 2018 the council, as one of the chambers of the Riksting, was dissolved by Imperial Decree, though it still officially remains in existence, simply not yet recalled.



The Imperial Council consists of 2 chancellors appointed by the Emperor. Membership in the council is reserved for citizens of the Crown Lands only. A chancellor, once appointed, serves a half year term before being replaced by another Crownlander.

Imcumbent Chancellors

Name Stance Appointed
Åse Næsheim Liberal 1 January 2017
Gunhild Vadla Social Democratic 1 January 2017

High Chancellor

The High Chancellor is the second-highest ranking individual in the Imperial Council and the Crown Lands behind the emperor, acting as head of government. The High Chancellor is the only popularly elected official in the Crown Lands, being elected annually by citizens over the age of 12. There are no term limits set upon the High Chancellor.

Incumbent High Chancellor

Name Stance Appointed Notes
Lise Næsheim-Renwick Social Democratic 19 February 2016 first to be elected