Jakub le Mon

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Jakub le Mon
President of Fortawia
Assumed office
5 July 2023
Member of the Fortawian Primary Diarchy
in office
18 June 2023 - 5 July 2023
Citizenship  Poland
Nationality w:Poland Polish
Political party Concerned
Religion Catholic

Jakub le Mon is the current president of the Republic of Fortawia, its co-founder and politician. He is also a politician in Republic of Arkazja.

Before Fortawia

Jakub le Mon has been in the micronational community since November 2022. In December 2022, he founded Republic of Nadnarwia with Jan Głoska and Samuel Rustowski. Due to internal conflicts, it became inactive, but never officially collapsed.

Fortawian career

In May 2023, he began talking with Jan Głoska about wanting to establish a new micronation. In early May, he began working with him on Fortawia using the experience they gained in Nadnarwia. Jan and Jakub became part of the initially ruling Primary Diarchy, built the basis of the law, defined the territory and established the Discord Server. Then they invited some friends.

Jakub le Mon ran in Fortawia's first presidential election, measuring himself against two other candidates. With a turnout of 100%, he won 6 votes which was 100% of all votes given.

As president, he held parliamentary elections, appointed Ministers and began democratic rule in Fortawia. Jakub dealt primarily with organizing the law and international relations. On July 13, 2023, he signed a mutual recognition document with Arkazja. With Jan Głoska, he wrote a fortawian page on MicroWiki. He began work on the Constitution.

Arkazjan career

On 12 August 2023, Jakub le Mon founded the Concerned Party in Arkazja. He announced the party's run for the Arkazjan Senate elections 20-27 August and led the election campaign.

Personal life

He was born and lives in Poland. He is interested in literature, politics and history.