July 2023 Cupertino Alliance Chair election

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Cupertino Alliance Chair election, July 2023

← January 2023 21–24 July 2023 January 2024 →
Candidate Sertor Valentinus Chris Ramsay
Home state  West Sayville West Sayville Mediolaurentia
Running mate Tyler Mullins
Popular vote 9 2
Percentage 81.8% 18.2%

Chair before election

Chris Ramsay

Elected Chair

Sertor Valentinus

The 7th Cupertino Alliance Chair election was an election within the Cupertino Alliance to elect the Chair and Lieutenant Chair. It took place between 21 and 24 July 2023. The winner of the election is set to take office on the 30th of July, which is the final day of chairman Chris Ramsay's term. The winner was Sertor Valentinus, who won the election against Ramsay with a total of nine votes.



Chapter 6, Article 42 of the Charter of the Cupertino Alliance, 2021, states that "Elections for the Chair of the Cupertino Alliance must happen twice a year and must conclude on the last Tuesday of January and July." [1]


(Highest current positions in their home state and in the Cupertino Alliance)
Running mate
Campaign announcement date
Campaign logo
Sertor Valentinus
(Kingdom of West Sayville)
Tyler Mullins
(Free Nation of New Athens)
24 June 2023

(Announced & Registered)

Chris Ramsay
(High Kingdom of Mediolaurentia)
23 June 2023
(Announced & Registered)

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  1. Lokin, Nicholas (8 December 2021). "Charter of the Cupertino Alliance Act, 2021". Cupertino Alliance. Retrieved 24 July 2023.