Leestani Soviet Socialist Republic

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Leestani Soviet Socialist Republic
Flag National Seal

National Anthem:
The Sandwhich Internationale
Haters Gonna Hate

Capital Lee Green
Total Area 100 sq M

Official languages English

Demonym Soviet

Government Socialist Republic
President Alex Ulbricht
Vice President Oliver Honecker
General Secretary Rory Krenz

Creation of the LSSR 8 June 2010 (lunchtime)
Annexation of Upper Landing 8 June 2010 (evening)
Annexation of Loft 8 June 2010 (evening)

– Citizens 7
– Residence of clamied teritory aprox 500,000

Currency Leestani Ruble

National Animal Sloth

National Sport Football

Time zone UTC

Country code LSSR

Internet TDL .lssr

Drives on the Left

Leestan, officially the Leestan Soviet Socialist Republic, is a constituent socialist republic of the Union of South London Soviet Socialist Republics located in South London, England. It is made up of a collection of bedrooms in and around places such as the Lewisham and Greenwich boroughs and it claims to be dedicated to "expanding and showing the light to more and more people".


The LSSR was formed on June 8, 2010 and originaly was made up of a collection of bedrooms. Since then, many places have been anexed such as the landing just outside of the LSSR's capital. The LSSR hopes that by the end of 2010 it becomes as recognisable as Sealand, a goal that has been set by the citizens of the LSSR. The leaders of the LSSR hope to annex more teritory, mainly Lee Green, directly surrounding the capital.

Goverment and Politics

The president of the LSSR is Alex Ulbricht and it is ruled as a single-party state with the Leestani Communist Party currently in rule. The country is open to new parties but many may potential parties may go against strict anti-terrorism laws. The leader of the Leestani Communist Party is yet to be decided.


Danny Harris - Terrorism, High Treason, Consipracy to murder the Minister of Gay/Bi/Lesbian Affairs and Beastiality


The LSSR has a proud military history with eleven soldiers in the army which has now been merged into the USLSSR's military. The LSSR is trying to aquire arms during a good will mission to China which will take place during the summer of 2010 led by the Diplomatic Minister Oliver Parsons


1 LSSR ruble = 1 Russian ruble

1 LSSR ruble = £0.02

1 LSSR ruble = 100 kopeks

Territorial Claims

London borough of Lewisham

London borough of Greenwich


The local team is Welling United. Welling till we die.

National Anthem

The Sandwitch Internationale

Oh Leestani,

land of the sarny,

Made for the people,

of the sandwhich!

United by sickle,

hammer and pickle,

but no brie,

for the Great Nation of Lee!