Mainland Arlandica

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Mainland Arlandica
Flag of Mainland Arlandica
Official seal of Mainland Arlandica
Heart of the Kingdom
Location of Mainland Arlandica (dark green)
Country Arlandica
EstablishmentApril 20, 2020
SeatSanto Niño City
 • TypeLocal Administration
 • Governor-RepresentativeKyenchub Choden
 • Total0.06 km2 (0.02 sq mi)
 • Total77
DemonymArlandican Mainlander
Time zoneUTC+8:00

Mainland Arlandica (Cebuano: Pangunang Yuta sa Arlandika) is an enclave and is considered the core territory of the Kingdom of Arlandica. It is one of the provinces of Arlandica, encompassing two territories: Santo Niño City, the country's capital city, and Melascoville City. The province is landlocked and holds the distinction of being the most populous province in the country.

Being the seat of monarchy, its political, economic, cultural, and strategic importance makes it essential to protect the province, especially Santo Niño City, to ensure the stability and security of Arlandica.


Arland River

Mainland Arlandica is an enclave, a landlocked province that boasts a landscape characterized by densely forested, mountainous terrain. The areas of Melascoville and the western part of Santo Niño are deemed to be tablelands. The province enjoys a tropical climate, adding to the allure of its natural surroundings.

Mount Arland is the tallest mountain in the province and also in the country. Furthermore, Lake Arland is located here and is the largest tropical lake in the country. The Arland River is characterized as a landmark and an important place in Arlandican history. The province is home to a nature reserve named Arland Rainforest.


The province was originally a single city called Arland City (now called Santo Niño City), which served as the nation's capital until the establishment of the Kalinawan. This development paved the way for its transformation into a province.

On July 28, 2023, following a constitutional amendment, Kalinawan separated from the Mainland and came under the jurisdiction of the province of Nueva Bago. However, as a result, a new territory called Melascoville City was created.


The Mainland is governed by an appointed governor-representative.

List of governor-representatives

No. Name Political party Term
1st Kyenchub Choden Independent July 29, 2023 Incumbent


The residents and citizens in the province include the royal family, their friends, and relatives, and, of course, their pets. They are Cebuano people, and the royal family has native descent.


The culture of the Mainland is deeply rooted in the traditions and heritage of the Cebuano people. As the province serves as the home of the royal family, there is a profound sense of respect and honor towards the monarchy.

The people of the Mainland take great pride in preserving and promoting their Cebuano identity, celebrating their language, music, dances, and culinary delights.


The economy of Mainland Arlandica heavily relies on a retail sector, with diverse shops spread throughout Melascoville. These retail hubs play an important role in sustaining economic growth by offering a wide array of goods and services to locals and visitors. The province depends on imports, primarily sourced from its neighboring country, the Philippines, to supplement domestic production and ensure a steady supply of essential resources and products.

Mainland Arlandica preserves pockets of agricultural activity in specific areas. Notably, the northern part of Melascoville and the western part of Santo Niño thrive with agricultural lands, cultivating various crops that contribute to the Mainland's food security. These regions benefit from fertile soils and favorable climatic conditions, fostering a sustainable source of fresh produce and raw materials.


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