Nueva Bago

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Nueva Bago
Province of Nueva Bago
Flag of Nueva Bago
Official seal of Nueva Bago
The Sunshine Province
Territorial Map of Mainland and Overseas Arlandica (dark green). In the lower left corner, the Territories of Nueva Bago are depicted.
Country Arlandica
EstablishmentJuly 8, 2022
 • TypeLocal Administration
 • Governor-RepresentativeJeanne
 • Total0.05 km2 (0.02 sq mi)
 • Total23
Time zoneUTC+8:00

Nueva Bago, officially as Province of Nueva Bago (Hiligaynon: Probinsya sang Bag-ong Bago) and formerly as Cataline, is a province of the Kingdom of Arlandica. It is one of the five provinces of Arlandica, comprising two enclaves, one exclave, and two low tide elevation reefs located in Cotabato and Davao Del Sur Provinces of the Philippines. Among the main settlements in the province, Lopez serves as the administrative, commercial, and industrial center, and it is also the most populous territory in the province.


In the 1990s, the family and relatives of Jerold were the first to settle in the area that is now the Province of Nueva Bago. After it became part of the Kingdom of Arlandica, it was included in the Mainland Arlandica.

In 2021, a Republican Movement led by settlers from the capital emerged in the area, aiming to overthrow the monarchy. This resulted in a battle, which was eventually won by Arlandica's Civil Guards.

Nueva Bago officially separated as a province on July 8, 2022. It was called as Cataline. A few months later, the Province of Veracruz was dissolved, and a portion of its lands, particularly Veracruz City, was incorporated into Nueva Bago.

On June 25, 2023, Lopez replaced Veracruz City as the administrative center of the province, by virtue of Royal Decree No. 92 enacted by King Jerold I. A month later, July 29, 2023, Kalinawan and La Frondosa became under the jurisdiction of the province.


Nueva Bago is named after Datu Bago, the national hero of Arlandica, a datu who possessed domains over Davao region in Mindanao. On April 1848, he resisted the Spaniards for colonization but ended up being defeated. Arlandica views itself as the successor and continuation of Realm of Davao Gulf.


The province comprises two enclaves, one exclave, and two reefs located in Davao Del Sur and Cotabato areas. Among its territories, namely Lopez, Veracruz City, San Vicente, and Fort Cataline, the topography is predominantly flat, and the majority of the land is dedicated to agriculture. Conversely, La Frondosa stands out as a mountainous (hilly) and heavily forested territory. On the other hand, Kalinawan serves as a marine reserve, but occasional fishing activities occur in the area.

Within the province, there are only two rainforests, namely the Nueva Bago Rainforest and La Frondosa Rainforest.

The province is bordered by the Philippines through the territories of Lopez, Veracruz City, San Vicente, Fort Cataline, and most of La Frondosa. Additionally, a part of La Frondosa marks the boundary with Vilasia, while Kalinawan is surrounded by the waters of Davao Gulf.


Nueva Bago is governed by an appointed governor-representative.

List of governor-representatives

No. Name Political party Term
1st Jeanne Independent July 8, 2022 Incumbent


The Cotabato enclaves of Nueva Bago were originally inhabited by the family and relatives on the mother's side of the current King of Arlandica, Jerold I, who are Hiligaynon people. Over time, a few individuals from Santo Niño City began migrating to the province during the Arlandican rule.

On the other hand, Veracruz City is inhabited by the family of Jay Arce, an Arlandican General, along with other residents who have made the city their home.

Meanwhile, both La Frondosa and Kalinawan remain uninhabited.


Nueva Bago relies on retail shops and agriculture as its main economic activities. Most of its economic activity is concentrated in the territories of Veracruz and Lopez. The fertile lands and favorable climatic conditions in the area provide an ideal environment for cultivating various crops and raising livestock.


  • Lopez
  • Veracruz City
  • Fort Cataline
  • San Vicente
  • Kalinawan
  • La Frondosa