Nazaskian Empire

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Nazaskian Empire
Империя Назаскян
Nazaskian Empire
Flag of NE
Coat of arms of NE
Coat of arms
Motto: Ordum Album!
We Rise!
Anthem: State Anthem of Nazaskia
Flag of the Goverment
Flag of His Royal Nazaskian Goverment.png
Location of NE
Great CapitalNazaskian Middle City
Largest cityNazaskian Middle City
Official languagesNazaskian
Recognized languagesNazaskian, English, Spanish, Russian
Recognised national languagesNazaskian, English, Russian
Recognised regional languagesNazaskian, English, Spanish, Russian
Other languagesNazaskian, English, Spanish, Russian
Ethnic groups
• President 1
Brandon Lavine
• President 2
Brayden Schwabe
• Limited President of Nazaskia
• Royal Sister of Nazaskia
Erika Blu
• Royal Brother of Nazaskia
Landon Lavine
House of the Italian Supporters
House of Our Team
Establishment8/4/2022 (MMS ONLY DATE)
• Estimate
CurrencyFlight Tickets
Time zoneEastern Standard Time
Driving sideleft
Calling code+1

Nazaskian Empire is a successor towards the MISCP and it is located another school away from MIS Or MISCP. The countries population is the entire school (not admins or teachers) and they help with making parties anywhere


The word "Nazaskia" Came from Brayden when he thought of an emergency word when Madisonville Communist Party was about to fall. Nazaskia was a popular word after it formed in the school and is now used after the fall of Madisonville Communist Party. Word was also sent out on Discord after the fall of Madisonville Communist Party on (Circular not known date) May 15–20 in 2022. The Word was also used in Cities like Nazaskian City. The word grew rapid after formation and fall of the Madisonville Communist Party on May 13, 2022 (NE Date: 22.13.03)


On May 15, 2022. The day was settled at MIS, Nazaskian Empire, formed with all the populations of schools, formed the Nazaskian Empire. This had more politics and went on to change ideology to Socialist. This made it more powerful and have more of an army there. There were still wars, and these wars would be the "End of the School Year Wars" and put it as the 2nd deadliest battles of the Nazaskian History. Once the school year was over. They surrendered to the end and made the Nazaskian Empire go to next school and it would make the Nazaskian Empire a little smaller in size and city would change. On 8/8/2022, The nation finally formed, after meeting with Joeseph Green at MMS. This was a start and a nation reborn of Nazaskia.

On the 8th, The firat day of the nation started, there was no wars in the area and the first day was smooth, nation was doing well and president Brandon Lavine had a panic attack on the first day because the schedule was messed up. This caused panic but he was calmed after, the nation did fine for the first 2 days until he brought in a lighter and then Battle of the Grasslands 2 started.

Battle of the Grasslands 2

This war was only 2 days long but actually, no fighting was the result and NE won victory against the Italians making them win against peace. No injuries and Casualties were reported during the war, and this marks the only war in Nazaskian history with no fights, this is ranked 5th "deadliest" battle in Nazaskian history, no injuries were also reported.

Battle of the Landgrass

Landgrass war is a part of the 2nd deadliest battles. This is the only war that resulted in Nazaskian Empire in conclusion losing, there were war practices still going on, from the day another war named the "Anthoneian Civil War" Started. This battle was against, and questions were asked, before the war started, Nazaskian Empire surrendered towards E&N Italian Fascist Party which included the war to begin a few seconds later. NE started to rush to see what was happening and then they just invaded them to get them to back off.

Anthoneian Civil War

This battle was against, and questions were asked, before the war started, Nazaskian Empire surrendered towards E&N Italian Fascist Party which included the war to begin a few seconds later. NE started to rush to see what was happening and then they just invaded them to get them to back off.

Nazaskian Empires Falling for the day.

Yesterday, on Discord, Nazaskian Empire fell and went into the micronation of Nazaskian Union. Nazaskian Union is POSSIBLEY The shortest lasting Micronation in history. Nazaskian Union goes by ideas of the day. Nazaskian Union fell a day after on a call about that they should not do this and stick it with NE from the time being from now on.

Battle of the Spy's (Og Name: Battle of the Light Dark/Light)

Battle of the Spy's is now current war of Nazaskian Empire. This war is ranked 1 and 2 and mass and huge beatings were in result. This war included with 3 new Nazaskian Residents. The new ones also joined the army and and being professionally trained. commander and leader Brandon lead the way by using the "Sword Stick" it was used during battle and was lost. All plans failed and spying action. Commanders were being called names. But they were spying so they can reach their attack goal. Now today, peace was made against them and nothing was took and a speech was gave at the end of the war. neither NE nor E&N won the war due to the peace treaty.

Democratic People's Republic of Nazaskia

Brayden started to do a vote to kill off the country for about one week. This was a voting suggestion for Nazaskian Empire or DPRN. Brandon stopped the vote and thought it was a good idea to let DPRN to sit for a few days. It was in, while during the time, wars still happened, and nothing changed. The last day of DPRN ended due to the micronation getting bored out. On Discord, a discussion was settled to end the micronation. The micronation now has now fell and turned to normal, however, the flag was changed to a Soviet Union ratio sized flag.

Battle of the Dawson Team

A war due to the rumor called Brandon x Anthony Propaganda spread through the entire micronation and it caused war, later after 1 day, the team surrendered but then started to fight again, later on, and micronation named Teachers Base would reform and take down the team making a full-on victory for Nazaskia, as a result after the war, Nazaskia took down the Crip Party and Dawson Team party and owns the rest of the State of Grasslands. Dawson, leader of the party disagrees to peace and makes a rude remark said from Dawson "Our Answer to you is... F*ck you."

Emma Dottson Joins Nazaskia

The fascist leader of E&N agrees to peace and joins Nazaskian Empire. A major speech and statement were put out. 9/16/2022 will be now a according holiday to the Nazaskian Government

Natasha Joins Nazaskia

After a few months later, another leader of Emma and Natasha Italian Fascist Party joins Nazaskia right after the war named Battle of the Dawson team

Chat bout independence of NU on the 23rd on Discord


Nazaskias National food is anything that has strawberries, the origin of the national food came from a RP that took place on Discord. the strawberries can be eaten during breakfast and sometimes picnic or lunch. That is the official food for Nazaskia.


The Nazaskian Empire has a set of Military Branches. There are a few of them. These Military branches include.

His Royal Nazaskian Army, His Royal Nazaskian Spy's, His Royal Nazaskian Military of the FBI, His Royal Nazaskian Air Force (proposed), His Royal Nazaskian Navy (proposed).

His Royal Nazaskian Army

This army unit has fought ever since the start. This unit kept protection towards Nazaskia since then, This fought in Battle of the Grasslands 2, Battle of the Landgrass, Anthoneian Civil War, and Battle of the Spy's. The unit also gives away rewards such as Hero of the Grasslands and Hero of Nazaskia.

His Royal Nazaskian Spy's

This unit fought during the Battle of the Landgrass, Anthoneian Civil War, Mostly, Battle of the Spy's. The same rewards are passed out but you also get an reward such as called, Hero of the Spy's.


MMSCP Used to be Nazaskian Empire and turned out, it's now a party. This party was the only party that has no fights like the House of the Italian Supporters and his very kind towards the Nazaskian Empire.


Nazaskian Empire also has a list of media. This includes n-mail and their own Internet TLD.


Nmail is very popular now as of today, nmail also leads to getting rewards and important messages. It also has a website you can visit to make your very own nmail,

Official Website

The website is on and that's the origin of the Internet TLD and where it came from

Naz Naz E-NewsPaper

This is the official newspaper of Nazaskia, It was founded c. Yesterday and its for memes, news, and news across the globe. it was a successor towards proposed newspaper named "Nazaskian Newspaper" on the c. 24th. Naz Naz E-News Paper has no cost and its free and its used ONLY on Discord at (THIS LINK EXPIRES EVERY 24 HOURS! IT WILL BE UPDATED IF NEEDED)


the currency of Nazaskian Empire would be Social Stars.


The anthem came from an alternate version of the USSR anthem used. No one used this anthem so MMSCP and Nazaskian Empire took chances and used it.


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