Nedlandic Spanish Territory

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Spanish Territory of Nedland
Anthem: All Hail the Glorious Nedland
CapitalNo capital
Largest cityNo cities
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)Spaniard (Noun); Spanish (Adjective)
• President
Ned Gunderson
• Territorial Manager
Name private to public
LegislatureCouncil of Nedlandic Elders
Establishment23 July 2015
• Census
1 (non-permanent) (as of 23 July 2015)
Time zoneWET (Western European Time)

The Nedlandic Spanish Territory is a dependency of Nedland, and located primarily in the village of San Bartolomé de Tormes, Spain. It is contained within one Subcultural Republic: San Bartolomé de Tormes in Castile and Leon.


When a Spanish man became a citizen of Nedland on July 23, 201, his house in the village of San Bartolomé de Tormes was officially declared a dependency of Nedland.

Currently, no one inhabits the Spanish Territory, citizen or no. Thus, it was declared a dependency as no one was there to keep it up year-round.

Along with the Ghanaian Territory, French Territory, and Cameroonian Territory, it is one of four international territories, both currently uninhabited.

On May 9, the Spanish Territory was formally declared under the jurisdiction of the San Bartolomé de Tormes SCR.