Nord-Horovitz (Caïd)

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Flag of the District
Flag of the District
"El mercat de Caïd", "Ciutat liberal"
Map of the city of Horovitz
Map of the city of Horovitz
 • Total1.5 km2 (0.6 sq mi)
150 m (490 ft)
 • Total22

Nord-Horovitz is a district of the Republic of Caïd. Is the most northen district in Caïd and the newest place in the country. The city of Horovitz is the capital of the district.


Nord-Horovitz has been a place that historically has been populated by merchants since its founding in the 20th century.

Progressively, Nord-Horovitz has become one of the most modern areas of Caïd, consolidating itself as a national commercial center. The area also has museums and when the sun goes down it is the center of nightlife, with music clubs. Also in this district is the headquarters of the national post office, the postal bank and some mass media.

The official creation of the district (and the electoral constituency) was in 2016. In 2018 it was the first district elections.

Monuments and constructions

  • National Museum of Caïd: It is a building of great historical value in Caïd. It was built in the decade of the 30s in a neoclassical style to house the National Museum. This building houses the National Museum of Caïd, which includes collections of botany, insects, oceanography, fossils and pictorial art. In 2013, it was remodeled and another plant was added, which now houses the elementary school of the northern district and the National Library. Provisionally, this building also houses the headquarters of the Parlament de Caïd.
  • Post and Telegraph Building of Caïd: It is one of the oldest buildings in Caïd. It was built in the decade of the 20s, shortly after independence, to house the post office and telegraph, as well as the Postal Bank. The architecture of the building is of great value because it shows us how were the buildings of the twentieth century in Caïd.


District Mayor

District Mayor Took office Left office Party
Estela Mussol 2018 In office UDC

Seats in the District Council

Party Seats
  Caïd Democratic Union UDC
1 / 3
  New Center Coalition CNC
1 / 3
  Social Democratic Party of Caïd PSDC
1 / 3
District MP Party
Nord-Horovitz Estela Mussol UDC
Sito Shrunk CNC
Artur Fernàndez PSDC

Seats in the Parlament de Caïd

Party Seats
  New Center Coalition CNC
2 / 3
  Social Democratic Party of Caïd-Democratic Left of Caïd PSDC-EC
1 / 3

Climate & Geography

The weather is similar to all of Caïd. Nord-Horovitz district is the most northen and elevated place in the country. The district have borders with France.

Notable citizens

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