Operation The End

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Operation The End
Date26 September – 15 October 2021 (2021-09-26 – 2021-10-15) (2 weeks and 5 days)
Nabilia, mainly in WhatsApp group

Return to status quo ante bellum; ceasefire in effect

  • Dissolution of People's Fascist of Nabilia
SEAMA forces:
 Democratic Republic of Subejia
Union of Ezraia Socialist Republic
Supported by:
Republic of Meme Indonesia (now as Federal Republic of Meme Indonesia)
Fascist forces:
People's Fascist of Nabilia
Commanders and leaders
Subejia Azwariq Qadri
Haris (de jure)
Saddam Hussein (de facto)
100,000 (stop the cap) infantry troops
3 aircraft
The warfare is completely fictional, mainly happened in WhatsApp group.

Operation The End (Malay: Operasi Terakhir), also known as The End of Fascism War, was a fictional war between the Democratic Republic of Subejia and People's Fascist of Nabilia. The war began when Azwariq Qadri disputed fascism micronations in Southeast Asia and also prohibit them to join Southeast Asian Micronational Association.[a]

The war begun as the Democratic Republic of Subejia rose up for the declaration of war due to Nabilia resistance to Ezraia. This is later became casus belli for the declaration of war. The war happened mainly in WhatsApp, in which more likely to arguing about neo-fascism. The war is hyped by the admittion of the Federation of Meme Indonesia.

After many days later, the Democratic Republic of Subejia proposed peace treaty for Nabilia. All parties, including Nabilia, "signed" the peace treaty, in which return to status quo ante bellum.


Azwariq Qadri, President of Subejia, declared war on 26 September 2021, at 21:00 local Malaysia time:[1]

To all Subejian, Ezraian and Malaysian, greetings. I, President of Subejia, declare war on People's Fascist of Nabilia. I declare war because they are Nazism and we don't like Nazism and fascist.


Operation Axis 2.0

The next day of the declaration, Azwariq noticed that there is smoke bomb as a joke deemed to be from Nabilia.

Azwariq also staged the coup so that he can invading the rest of Nabilia. Both Azwariq and Ezra use such word for "spamming", such as, "So not halal mode" and "So haram mode" during the campaign.

Black Friday

Azwariq Qadri prepared to enter the war during Operation Axis 2.0

After Operation Axis 2.0 ended, Azwariq started a campaign called "Black Friday" that is started on 1 October 2021. Republic of Meme Indonesia "enter" the war because they admitted to the SEAMA as a full member. Azwariq also wanted to staged a coup d'état again and oppressed the Nabilia's government.

Staging a coup

Azwariq and Ezra want to staging the coup and arrest Haris. They also have a tons of "nukes" to be exact. Super Why also joined the war. Super Why are also experienced the nuclear weapons that he used during North Korea-Ezraia War.

Failed to stage the coup

Azwariq failed to stage the coup and making SEAMA loss the war but nobody is win in this war. Azwariq also wanted Nabilia to signing the peace treaty and also failed.

Terrorists attack on Nabilia

The terrorists attacked on Nabilia after Azwariq failed in staging coup. The terrorists kind of like "rebel of Nabilia".

Peace treaty

Subejia decided to having peace with Nabilia because they turned to communism. Azwariq Qadri disappointed with the effects on war that he declared and he decided to just having peace rather than war.


After the war, Azwariq regrets because he does not want war happens in Subejia since its creation. Subejia also having peace with Nabilia and make Nabilia free from terrorists attack.

Dissolution of People's Fascist of Nabilia

Haris changed Nabilia from fascism to communism. Azwariq was shocked and very disappointed with his decision to declare war on them.

Election for the SEAMA Chair

Azwariq Qadri ended his term as the Chair of the Southeast Asian Micronational Association due to violation of the rules in the SEAMA. Albeit, Azwariq will became candidate for the election.

International responses

Communist of Voncelotus criticized both Subejia and Ezraia because declaring a war on Nabilia. Republic of Meme Indonesia (now as Federal Republic of Meme Indonesia) also criticised Subejia for using "atomic bomb" for war and they stated that it will be bad idea to use atomic bomb.


  1. He stated that fascism is bad for their community.