Paddocks Boat Co

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Paddocks Boat Company
Private Limited Company Ltd.
IndustryNaval Construction
PredecessorImperial Essexian Navy dockyards at Les Paddocks
Founded23 January 2020
Headquarters Les Paddocks, Greater Danbury,
Area served
Commonwealth of Essexia, United Kingdom
Key people
Earl Jack of Molrams
ProductsAircraft Carriers, test bed vehicles, transportation barges
ServicesShip design, construction and maintenance.
OwnerEarl Jack of Molrams

The Paddocks Boat Company (Abbreviated to Paddocks Boat Co. or simply PBC) is an Essexian manufacturing company located within the province of Greater Danbury. It designs, builds and manages boats, most notably on behalf the the Imperial Essexian Navy. However, it also manages Poplar Nerva's state-owned ships (specifically of the Ceremonial Republican Navy).


Prior to the PBC, Earl Jack of Molrams historically designed, built and maintained most of the IEN's vessels, due to the accessibility to a body of water nearby, the space for building and storing such large vessels and the promiance Les Paddocks had in organised events. Most notably, Jack single-handedly built the CTS-01 Jaywick, a super carrier built on the 8th July 2018; the 2-meter-long ship can operate both fixed-wing and STOVL RC aircraft, and has been deployed on numerous training exercises.

Earl Jack founded the Paddocks Boat Co. on the 23rd January 2020 following research into other micronational entities that were developed for similar purposes. It's purpose, as well as serving the Essexian military and civil industries, was to further cooperation with other micronations through joint projects and technology sharing.

Logo produced for the refitting of the Battleship Muncey into an aircraft carrier.

In the November 2020 MoD Keynote on the 30th November 2020, MoD Jack MP formally announced that the refit of the Muncey was underway, and when introduced to service as a carrier would act as a test-bed for future technologies, and be the first vessel to operate CAe Systems' proposal for the Joint Armed Forces Aircraft Program (JAFAP), the F-03A Heron.

Work began on refitting the only ship of Poplar Nerva's Ceremonial Republican Navy, the CRNS Pacific, on the 29th May 2021. Due to poor storage conditions, the boat was in considerable disarray - the hull was filled with dead leaves, soil and a brown sludge. Work on the Pacific is ongoing.


PBC Vessels
Nation Name Class Type Type (Acronym) Designed Built Maiden Voyage Final Voyage Fate
Essexia Jaywick-A Jaywick Super Carrier CTS-01 8/7/18 8/7/18 8/7/18 17/7/20 2 years 9 days In service
Essexia Danbury Danbury Light Carrier CTS-02 25/8/18 25/8/18 25/8/18 25/8/19 1 year Scrapped
Essexia Sandon-A Danbury/Sandon Light Carrier CTS-03 25/8/18 25/8/18 25/8/18 1/9/19 1 year 9 days Scrapped
Essexia Purleigh Danbury Light Carrier CTS-04 25/8/18 25/8/18 25/8/18 25/8/19 1 year Scrapped
Essexia Southend Southend Light Carrier CTS-05 9/9/18 9/9/18 9/9/18 25/8/19 350 days Retired
Essexia Seaxe Seaxe Destroyer DTS-01 24/4/19 Delayed
Essexia Maldon Maldon Carrier CTS-06 11/5/19 12/5/19 12/5/19 25/9/19 136 days Scrapped
Essexia Mersea Mersea Carrier CTS-07 11/5/19 12/5/19 13/5/19 In service
Essexia Muncey-A Trapezoid Converted Battleship (Carrier) BTS-01/CTS-09 15/6/19 16/6/19 17/6/19 In refit
Essexia Greater Danbury Greater Danbury Carrier CST-10 In design
Essexia Greater Baddow Greater Baddow Super Carrier CTS-11 In design
 Poplar Nerva Pacific Optimist Sailing ship N/A 1947 2008 2017 (By Essexians) In refit