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There are currently five political parties in the Republic of Petorio. Most government officials are Independents or Socialists, but a few people (including President Kalvin Koolidge) choose not to be affiliated with any political party.


party name flag abbreviation leader founded position colors
Petorian Independent Party PIP Craig Zomack 26 September 2008 right wing green
Socialist Party of Petorio S-POP Misty Miller 31 November 2008 left wing red
Petorian Libertarians PLS Sebastian Russo 23 January 2009 center left yellow, red

Petorian Independent Party

The Petorian Independent Party (PIP) is currently the largest political party in Petorio. The Party was created on 26 September 2008 (also the "official" founding date of Petorio), by current Vice President Barry Ortiz. The party was created because Barry felt there needed to be a political party in Petorio, and politicians shouldn't be "unaffiliated like Kalvin is." Up until 31 November 2008, the PIP was the only Petorian political party, and politicians in Petorio were either members of PIP or not affiliated at all. The political ideology of the PIP is a mixture of the US Republican and Democratic parties. As an example, an American politician that could fit in PIP because of his political ideology would be Ron Paul. Petorian Independents believe in Paleoconservatism and Social Liberalism.

Socialist Party of Petorio

The Socialist Party of Petorio (S-POP) is currently the second-largest political party in Petorio. The Party was created on 31 November 2008, by Beachfront Territory politician Misty Miller. The party was created as an opposition because Misty, a socialist, strongly disagreed with the politics of PIP, which, at the time, was the only political party in Petorio. The creation of the party payed off because within time, many more politicians (even former members of the PIP) joined the S-POP. On 20 December 2008, Misty was elected to be a member of the Senate of Petorio (upper house in parliament). The political ideology of the S-POP is Socialism.

Petorian Libertarians

The Petorian Libertarians party (PLS) is currently the second-smallest political party in Petorio. The Party was created on 23 January 2009, by Charwood politician and Palmyra Creek mayor Adam Allam. The party was created because Adam felt like the Petorian government was giving him the "raw end of the stick". The creation of PLS started on 13 January 2009, but wasn't legally permitted until the 23rd when the federal government gave Allam the OK. The political ideology of the PLS is Libertarianism and Populism. The first elected official that is a member of the PLS was Adam Allam. The party's motto is "Freedom, Liberty, Democracy".


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