Provinces of Petorio

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The nation of Petorio's provinces are each separate territories ruled by a Governor. There is little reference to the Provinces/Territories in the Constitution so it is very easy for a new territory to be admitted to the Republic. The largest and most populous province is Nandor while the smallest and least populous is Little Italy.

Provinces and Territories

Flag Name Admission date Population Governor Postal code
Charwood September 26, 2008 65,000 Kalvin Koolidge CHR
Cooper September 26, 2008 53,000 Sebastian Russo CPR
Little Italy September 26, 2008 0 none LIT
Keystone September 26, 2008 47,000 Joe Paulin KST
Beachfront October 25, 2008 78,000 Misty Miller BFT
Acadia February 10, 2009 66,000 Daniel Hammond ACD
Nandor August 21, 2009 169,000 Drake Splinter NDR


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President Kalvin Koolidge | Vice President Misty Miller | Co-Founder Barry Ortiz | Supreme Justice Peter Bauman | Cooper Governor Sebastian Russo | Keystone Governor Joe Paulin | Acadia Governor Daniel Hammond | Nandor Governor Drake Splinter


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