Progressive-Labor Party of Elysium

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Progressive-Labor Party of Elysium
General-SecretaryJayden Attlee
Party LeaderAdam Johnston
FoundedApril 24, 2019
Merger ofProgressive Party
Social Democratic Party
HeadquartersJosephina, Elyria
NewspaperThe Liberty Papers
Membership (2020)40
Political positionLeft-wing
Colors  Crimson
Grand Senators
8 / 15
Imperial Delegates
0 / 40
Regional executives
2 / 5

The Progressive-Labor Party of Elysium, more commonly referred to as the PLP, is a leftist political party in the Empire of Elysium that has been described as an alliance of parliamentarian whigs and social democrats. The Party was legally founded in early 2023, but it's attributed with the history of its primary predecessor, the Progressive Party of Elysium. The Progressives have been in government a number of times during all three stages of Elysium's history. The Progressives had a short government led by Tau Barclay, of the Bourbon faction of the party. This was the party's first time in government, but it abruptly ended when Tau Barclay left the party due to mounting pressure from the left-wing faction of the party. The Progressives came back into power when Kyle Smith, leader of the conservative faction of the Empire's union government, resigned. Progressive leader and founder Adam Johnston was then asked to lead the government. The Johnston Ministry would last for about two years and won 8 consecutive elections. During this time the Empire was reorganized into a Republic for approximately a year. While Progressives effectively dominated politics during most of the Republican era, toward the end of their tenure a coalition of Kylite democrats (Elysium's leading conservative philosophy) and more hardline monarchist were able to petition the government for a referendum on restoring the monarchy. The Progressives campaigned for the Republic, but lost the referendum in a landslide. Soon after the restoration of the Empire Adam Johnston resigned due to his frustration with internal strife within the party. The Progressive-Labor Party was recently elected to lead the nation's union government following a narrow general election, Sir Adam Johnston became Chancellor of the Empire once more.

The party was founded in 2019, having grown out of the fall of the Democracy Now Party and rise of global citizens during the Kyle administration. It overtook the Vox Party to become the main opposition to the Imperial Party soon after, forming a Grand Senate majority under founder Adam Johnston in the first Grand Senate election. Progressives would later join the rising libertarian party led by Tau to form the Libertarian Progressives, briefly making the party more centrist. After serving two terms as Chancellor Tau merged the party with the Democratic Traditionalist, at the time Elysium’s Premier Conservative party, within consent of the Progressives. Under Adam Johnston and Sir Spooky, Progressives again left the Reform Party convention and rebuilt the Progressive Party. In mid 2020, Adam Johnston became Chancellor and reformed Elysium into a republic. In the later months of 2020 Robert Smith, the popular Head of State of Elysium, announced he had shifted to the left and joined the Progressive Party, becoming their nominee for Chancellor, and Adam Johnston became the nominee for Prime Minister, a new office created with the Republic.

The Progressive Party currently has a one seat majority in the Grand Senate, but is participating in a union government between themselves as the National Democrats (Elysium's major party of the centre-right. The coalition was founded, and initially led by the NDs, to address key issues facing the Empire such as inactivity, recruitment, internal reforms, and so on.

Name and Symbols

The name “Progressive” was selected by Adam Johnston due to the primary purpose of the party being to progress Elysium socially and economically. Although other names have been considered including Leftist United, the Progressive Populist, and Populist Party.

The Party has always used the colors yellow and green to represent itself, rather than the traditional colors of red for left wing parties. It’s been stated that green representatives the parties support for green politics, although no official statement has been given on the choice of yellow.

Overtime the party has been represented by two major symbols, the yellow rose and the torch. The yellow rose has been used through the entirety of the parties history, except for when it was in the Progressive-Libertatian Party which used a torch. Through majority of the parties history it has used the same rose, although it was recently changed to a new rose design to be more original. More recently the moose has been used as a Progressive symbol. Popularized as the symbol of the Progressive wing of the big tent NEP, and as a reference to the Bull Moose Party or Theodore Roosevelt.

All former logos of the Progressive Party



The Progressive Party is currently the oldest existing political party in Elysium, founded April 24, 2019. It was the fourth political party to be created in Elysium with the Democracy Now Party, Vox Party, and Imperial Party all being older than the Progressives. The party was founded by Sir Adam Johnston and Sir Spooky Johnston.

Progressives Pre-Republic

Early Progressive Party

The early Progressive Party rapidly rose to power, and in the first Grand Senate election won a majority, though the Imperial Party maintained control of the Chancellorship. While the party had planted itself as one of the two major political parties it’s time controlling the Grand Senate would not last.

A poster supporting the campaign of Xavier Jackson in the second Chancellor elections.

In the second Chancellor and second Senate election’s the Progressive candidate for Chancellor, first Progressive to run for said office, Xavier Jackson lost badly to the incumbent Kyle Smith of the Impeiral Party. Kyle Smith also caused down-ballot victories for the Impeiral Party resulting in a hung parliament within the Grand Senate. Furthermore the Progressive Party was involved in a scandal in which Adam Johnston, Chairman of the Progressives and Progressive Senate Leader, helped lead the Kingdom of Salibaic to becoming independent from Elysium. This action was considered unpatriotic by the highly nationalist voter base.

After his defeat Xavier Jackson left the Progressive Party to found his own reformist party, although it never gained traction. The defeat of Jackson also hurt Progressive electoral victories in the Grand Senate, which was lost by Progressives. Furthermore in the next election the Progressive-Communist unity ticket came in third place, the only time since the founding of the party it came in third place in a Chancellor election.

Progressive-Libertatian Party

The logo of the Libertarian-Progressive Party, which ran in 2019 and early 2020 before its dissolution.

After a string of defeats the Progressive Party and upandcoming Libertarian Party formed a big tent Progressive-Libertatian Party of Elysium in order to combat what they saw as a overgrown Imperial Party. In the third Chancellor election while the new party wasn’t able to defeat Chancellor Kyle they nearly took back control of the Grand Senate and got Tau to become the Deputy Chancellor of Elysium.

The new Progressive-Libertarian Party would become more left wing after a hardline democratic socialist group of supporters joined in mass, leading to Adam Johnston gaining more power within the Party. Furthermore Kyle Smith aburtbly resigned from his office as Chancellor and as such Libtarian Progressive Tau Smith became Chancellor. Tau nominated Adam Johnston to become Deputy Chancellor which succeeded.

In the fourth Chancellor election and forth Grand Senate election a wave of pro-Democratic Traditionalist (the name for the new imperial party) swept the nation and as such the Progressive-Libertarians lost the majority of their Grand Senate seats and Tau was re-elected by a margin of one vote. Furthermore Tau nearly lost to an independent politician, Chris Miller, who positioned himself as a supporter of the monarchy and conservativism.

Toward the end of his second term Chancellor Tau hit an approval rating of 15%, to this day a record low within Elysium, and as such announced he would not seek re-election. Furthermore the popular Kyle Smith was back and led the Imperial Party to a landslide victory in the fifth Chancellor election with over 65% support in a field of 5 candidates. Among these candidates was Adam Johnston (Progressive) who came in second place with around 25% of the vote.

After Tau

Tau would, soon before the Chancellor election, merge the Progressive-Libertarian Party and Democratic Traditionalist into the Reform Party. This action angered the ProLib Parties base and as such Adam Johnston and Spooky Johnston, leaders of the former Progressive Party, led a walk out of the Reform Party before the first convention was even held and create a new Progressive Party.

The new Progressive Party saw success winning back traditionally Progressive strongholds such as Elyria which soon sent a double Progressive delegation to the Grand Senate once more. Furthermore the Grand Senate became a hung parliament once more and as such Adam Johnston, using a coalition, became Senate Majority Leader.

After being elected three times Kyle Smith, who felt it was time for new leadership, retired and Adam Johnston was Senate Majority Leader became Chancellor. Adam Johnston would see through the course of his term the death of the Reformist for got pulled into a merger with the Progressive Party, creating the New Elysium Party which Adam led.

End of Adam’s term as Chancellor

Adam Johnston was quick to embark on the most ambitious political reform in Elysiumite history and got Elysium to become a republic once more, ending the Empire’s age. Furthermore Adam Johnston oversaw a major uptick in the the economy and in activity which led to Adam Johnston maintaining an approval rating as high as Kyle Smith in the range of the 80-90%.


Formation of the new Progressive Party

On the 19th of June, 2020, the New Elysium Party was dissolved. The first two parties created after the fallout of the dissolution where founded a mere few hours later. First the Liberal Party of Elysium was founded, then followed by the Progressive Party which was founded by incumbent Chancellor Adam Johnston and Senate Majority Leader Sir Spooky. On the 26 the Imperial Conservative Party was founded, which became the primary opposition to the Progressives. While at first the Progressives and Imperial Conservatives remained near one another in terms of membership, upon the creation of the libertarian right Evolutionary Party the Union Democrats crumbled in membership. Furthermore around this time the Communist Party of Elysium merged with the Progressives. In the following election the Progressives won a landslide 58% of the vote.

Since then the Progressives have won two Chancellor elections and every Senate election since the Republic was founded thus far. The Union Democrats (rebranded form of the Imperial Conservatives), acted as opposition until the midway point between the October 2020 and January 2021 elections, when majority of their Senators defected to the new National Conservatives, founded by Elyrian Commonwealth Senator Elliot Doe. The new National Conservatives overtook the Union Democrats to become the second largest party and soon after the Union Democrats merged into the National Democrats.

Progressive Administrations

During the Empire

Tau-Johnston Administration

The profile picture of Tau on the Discord platform during his time as an Elysiumite politician.

Following the resignation of Kyle Smith, Tau assumed the Chancellorship. Soon after he nominated fellow Progressive Adam Johnston to become Deputy Chancellor. He served under Emperor Robert Smith.

Tau focused on the creation of economic and political reforms. Soon into his term he oversaw the Clamatoan crisis in which an increasing large faction of citizens from the recently admitted region of Clamatoa demanded independence, he was quick to revoke the citizenship of many people who helped lead the calls for independence. Tau than began on his more long term project of economic reform, which involved him creating Elysium’s first tax plan. His term saw an explosion in corporate growth, although a minimal amount of money came out of it. Furthermore the Tau administration began a program of reaching out to various other nations and growing citizenship numbers.

The Tau Administration was involved in a scandal in which a member of the Progressive Party was found to be plotting a coup of the Emperor. A jury found the party member unanimously guilty and a federal justice revoked his citizenship. The Democratic Traditionalist opposition used this as a rallying cry against corruption within the Tau administration. Furthermore many of the more left wing voices in the Progressive Party, including his own Deputy Chancellor, believed tau was following too neo-liberal of an economic agenda which stunted the economy. As such Tau received an approval rating in the low tens.

Tau announces his resignation

In the final days of his administration Tau pursued two major policies, the creation of a new constitution and Vox Populi. Tau pushed through a new constitution, although the draft had to go through many reforms form Emperor Robert Smith. The new constitution broadly weakened the power of the monarchy and increased the power of elected offices. It also reformed the Grand Senate to only have a single chamber, created various anti-corruption provisions, and made the Elysium Election Committee. The Vox Populi organization was an inter-micronational organization created with the purpose of increasing Elysium’s alliances with other nations. Although in secret Tau hoped to use the organization to pursue Imperialism, an act he hid from even his own party.

Following receiving an approval rating less than 20% Tau called for a snap election and refused to seek although term. Kyle Smith of the Democratic Traditionalist went on to win the election.

Johnston-S. Johnston Administration

The Opening paragraph to Elysium’s ninth founding address

Following Kyle Smith retiring from the Chancellorship within Elysium, for good, and due to the lack of a Deputy Chancellor the Grand Senate was given the right to select the next Chancellor. Majority Leader Adam Johnston was soon after selected to become Chancellor, and Sir Spooky Johnston became Majority Leader after him. Adam Johnston served under the head of state Robert Smith.

Soon into his term Adam Johnston oversaw the death of Elysium’s premier Conservative faction, the Reform Party within the NEP, and as such the NEP became a outwardly Progressive party. Furthermore the NEP was now led by prominent Progressives and as such the new party pushed for reforms such as expansion of further nationalization of industry. Furthermore, unlike Tau, Adam Johnston was a true leftist and Elysium’s first self-described democratic socialist to come into power as either head of state or head of government. Adam Johnston also oversaw a major shift in Elysiumite politics in which major members of the conservative movement such as Robert Smith (a Democratic Traditionalist Emperor) and Johann Kümmel (A DT Deputy Chancellor) had become left wing. Adam Johnston also successfully pressured Emperor Smith to revoke many imperial orders which the Progressive wing of the NEP opposed.

After the consolidation of left wing power Adam Johnston was swift to begin work on his project of reforming Elysium. He purged the incumbent Conservative cabinet and gave major Progressive leaders roles within his administration. His first act was Chancellor was to officially amend Elysium’s foreign policy to end the imperialism of past administrations and set Elysium on a path to develop internally and not look outside of its borders for growth. In the first survey after he came to power, Chancellor Johnston assumed an approval rating of 94%.

During the Republic

The Johnston Administration oversaw major economic growth in Elysium with focus being put on the advancement of Elysium’s state industries. Furthermore the Tau Tax plan which had many loopholes was replaced with a temporary one until the Rose Tax Plan was created.

The results of the first Chancellor election is announced
Grand Senate results are announced

On July 1, 2020, the ninth anniversary of the founding of Elysium, the Johnston administration and Emperor Smith took steps towards advancing democracy within Elysium. First in a joint national address Robert Smith and Chancellor Johnston both agreed it would be in the best interest of the nation to reform the nation into a republic. As such soon after amendments where passed in the Grand Senate which abolished the office of Emperor, and replaced it with an elected Chancellor as Head of State, and a head of government in the form of a parliamentary Prime Minister. Elections for chancellor and the Grand Senate where began ten days later. Other reforms in the constitution included elected judges, the reintroduction of the Elysium Election Committee, expansion of the Head of Government’s power, and an economic bill of rights. The next step was in Adam’s eyes to make Elysium a true multi-party democracy, and as such the New Elysium Party was dissolved. The NEP spilt into the new Progressive Party (which made up a majority of former NEPers), the new Democratic Traditionalist (a center authoritarian party), the Evolutionary Party (a right wing Libertarian party), the Liberal Party (a social Democratic monarchist party), the Yedinist Party (a social Democratic localist party), and the Communist Party (which soon joined the Progressives). In the first elections of the new republic Adam Johnston was easily re-elected to office of Prime Minister, and Robert Smith won a landslide against independent Based Baddie in the Chancellor election.


Progressive Robert Smith serves as Chancellor of Elysium and Adam Johnston (P-Elyria) serves as Prime Minister of Elysium. Both of their terms are still ongoing and both are seeking re-election.

So far the two have overseen minor political reforms, the biggest of which was the reforming of Elysium’s Grand Senate election process to include only regional representatives. Although the administration is focused on economic reforms, and with their Minister of Financial Affairs Jayden Attlee helping to create many reforms to the economy.

Among the various economic reforms includes the creation of legislation mandating that private corporations become co-operatives at a certain size, reforming laws to make it easier to nationalize industries, forcing company boards to be majority selected by workers, and passage of anti-corruption acts to fight crony capitalism. Furthermore the Progressive Party has helped oversee the creation of Elysium’s first unions, many of which affiliate with the party

Structure and Party Government

Federal Structure

Progressive Party internal government

The parties day to day affairs are overseen by the Chairman and Deputy Chairman, two internally elected offices, which organize the party.

Party leadership is held between the Legislative Leader, who is the Senate leader for the Party and Prime Minister should a majority be formed, and the Executive Leader who is the candidate for Chancellor. Both offices have deputies with the Legislative one being the candidate for Speaker and executive one being the Deputy Chancellor.

Finally the parties governing council is the Progressive Union Committee. The PUC is made up of various Progressive officer holders, alongside Union Representatives. The PUC does actions such as vote on if the party should join electoral alliances, aid the leaders in creating a manifesto, and help find people to run for office.

Major Executives
Person Experience Office

Jayden Attlee Senator and Minister of Fiscal Affairs
Senator from Elyria
Minister of Fiscal Affairs
Chairmen of the Progressive Party

Adam Johnston PM and Senator
Prime Minister of Elysium
Former Chancellor
Former Speaker of the Grand Senate
Former Deputy Chancellor
Former Minister of Economic Development
Legislative Leader
Deputy Chairmen of the Party

Robert Smith Chancellor
Emperor of Elysium
Chancellor of Elysium
King of Elyria
Senator from Elyria
Interim Minister of Defense
Executive Leader of the Party

Seán Dagda Senator and First Minister
Senator from Daeltheria
First Minister of Daeltheria
Daeltherian Senator (regional)
Head Executive of New Antrim
Deputy Executive Leader

Sir Spooky Speaker and Governor
Speaker of Elysium
Senator from Greymont
Senator from Elyria
Minister of Economic Development
Governor of Greymont
Deputy Legislative Leader

Regional Parties

The Progressive party has 5 regional parties, one in each region of Elysium.

Party Logo Party Leader Ideology Regional Senate Status Grand Senators from said region
Regional Parties with Majority Delegations
Progressive Populist Union PPU
Jayden Attlee Left-wing nationalism, Syndicalism, New Nationalism
8 / 13
Progressive Majority
5 / 7
Daeltherian Progressives DP Seán Dagda Democratic Socialism
5 / 8
Progressive Majority
5 / 7
Progressive Lamontist of Greymont PLG Sir Spooky Left-wing nationalism, Syndicalism Greymont uses a direct democracy De-facto Progressive Majority
3 / 3
Regional Parties where Progressives lead
Ticronvidian Progressives TP Jax Progressivism, Social democracy, Democratic socialism
2 / 5
Progressives in a coalition with the Pirates
3 / 5
Regions without Progressive Governments
Progressive Unionist of Clamatoa PUCA Warren Wright Populism, Social democracy, Unionism
1 / 5
Progressives in opposition with the Liberal Party
1 / 3

Union Links

The Progressive Party and the Elysiumite Congress of Unions are affiliated with each other, with the Progressive Party giving the ECU leadership roles within the Progressive Union Committee, and the ECU endorsing the Progressive Party. The ECU oversees Elysium’s two largest unions the Confederation of Agricultural Unions (CAU) and Civil Servants Union (CSU). Furthermore the Partisan Productions Union, which is in the process of being formed, is led by a member of the Progressives and will likely be an affiliate of the party upon its founding.

As it was founded with the goal of the promotion of left wing policies, the Progressive Party fundamentally considers itself a pro-Union party. In recent months it has created offices with the purposes of unionizing, and helped to organize new unions. Furthermore the party enshrined the right to unionize within the constitution. The party also is Chaired by Jayden Attlee who is founder and president of the Confederation of Agricultural Unions.

Ideology & Policies

Political compass of the progressive party

The Progressive Party, while very much an alliance of multiple left wing libertarian ideologies, is dedicated to the eventual goal of Syndicalism. Although in terms of policy the party believes in a gradual approach to syndicalism. The party also has considerable support from libertarian communist and social democrats. The party supports electoralism and unions.

Domestic Policies

Major Policies of the Progressive Party

The progressive party manifesto covers a large variety of polices on economic, political, and social reform. The party is domestically a left wing economic party and socially libertarian.

Policy Name Proposed by Type Description Regional/Federal Status
“Workers Basic Income Program” Robert Smith
Adam Johnston
Jayden Attlee
Economic Policy Creates various forms of public investment, primarily within Elysium’s public industry Federal In the process of being proposed
“Union Conventions” Robert Smith Regional development Creates conventions every 6 months between the Chancellor, Prime Minister, and various regional officials in order to discuss regional development Both Done
“Protectionist Policies” Robert Smith
Jayden Attlee
Economic Policy Creates protectionist trade policies which would make it so the government favors local products over non-local ones Federal In the process of being proposed
“Fair Labour Standards Act” Adam Johnston
Robert Smith
Sir Spooky Johnston
Economic Policy create anti-trust laws, an office to encourage Unionization, outlaw stock buybacks, market allocation, bid rigging, and bid suppression Federal, affecting regions as well Passed
“Radio Elysium” Robert Smith
Adam Johnston
Felix Earl
National projects Creation of an Elysiumite podcast to cover National news Federal Done
“Volunteer Economic Program” Robert Smith
Adam Johnston
Economic Policy Creation of a program in which non-locals can preform trades to aid the Elysiumite economy Federal In the process of being proposed
“Economic Forums/Federal Investment System” Robert Smith
Adam Johnston
Economic Policy Create of an Elysiumite stock market as well as a federal public investment system into local businesses Federal In the process of being proposed
“Rose Tax Plan” Adam Johnston Economic Policy Creation of a new progressive tax plan which would tax larger corporations more than smaller ones. Creation of various pro-environment taxes. Federal In the process of being proposed
“Parks and Protection Program” Adam Johnston
Robert Smith
Sir Spooky Johnston
Environmental Policy Creation of parks which Elysiumite corporations cannot use, and protective areas which neither citizens or corporations can use. Federal Done
“Mental Health Campaign” Adam Johnston Public Health Policy Creation of a program to discourage self harm and similar actions Federal In the process of being complete
“New Grand Senate” Robert Smith Political Reform Reforming the Grand Senate to have all seats be elected regionally Federal Passed
“Anti-Corruption Act” Robert Smith
Adam Johnston
Political Reform Creation of an act to outlaw various forms of cronyism Federal Passed
“Streamlining of the judiciary” Robert Smith
Co-Oped by the National Conservatives
Political Reform Temporarily dissolve lower courts until they have enough justices to operate Regional Passed
“Election Standards Legislation” Robert Smith
Adam Johnston
Political Reform Creation of a commission of electoral debates, make it so snap elections need to be called at particular times, creation of voter information programs, creation of debates for grand senate seats Federal Passed
“Creation of a Recall System” Robert Smith
inspired by Sir Soooky’s policies
Political Reform Create a system in which constituents can recall politicians Federal In the process of being passed

Foreign Policy

On the subject of foreign policy of the Progressive Party supports broad isolationism. Furthermore the Party supports expansion of relations with nations within Carolina and closing relations with global nations. The party also supports staying in the Vespucci Zone.

On the issue of merges the party has historically be outspoken for its policy of anti-imperialism. Many times Anti-Imperialism has been the main argument used by the more conservatives parties against the Progressives. Although in recent elections the public has support the Progressive policy of anti-imperialism.

Electoral Performance

Federal Elections

Electoral history of the Progressive Party note: only in the form of Grand Senate Elections
Election Date Result Numbers Senate Majority Leader/PM
First Senate Election April 24, 2019 Senate majority formed
3 / 5
Adam Johnston (Progressive)
Second Senate Election 25 July 2019 Hung senate, no faction formed a majority
4 / 10
Mr. Bubbles (DT)
Third Senate Election September 15, 2019 Democratic Traditionalist form a majority
2 / 12
Mr. Bubbles (DT)
Fourth Senate Election October 22, 2019 Reformist Patty forms a majority
3 / 10
Kyle Smith (DT)
Fifth Senate Election January 16, 2020 Forms government with Reformist Party
1 / 10
Adam Johnston (Progressive)
Sixth Senate Election April 14, 2020 Forms government with Reformist Party
3 / 11
Sir Spooky (Progressive)
Seventh Senate Election unknown Did not participate
0 / 15
Sir Spooky (NEP’s Progressive Faction)
Eighth Senate Election unknown Did not participate
0 / 21
Sir Spooky (NEP’s Progressive Faction)
Ninth Senate Election July 18, 2020 Majority government formed
12 / 22
Adam Johnston (Progressive)
Tenth Senate Election October 18, 2020 Majority government formed
15 / 27
Adam Johnston (Progressive)
Eleventh Senate Election January 18, 2021 Super-Majority government formed
16 / 25
Adam Johnston (Progressive)
Twelfth Senate Election January 18, 2021 Majority government formed
20 / 34
Adam Johnston (Progressive)
Thirteenth Senate Election January 18, 2021 Coalition government formed
16 / 33
Adam Johnston (Progressive)
Fourteenth Senate Election January 18, 2021 Coalition government formed
11 / 26
Adam Johnston (Progressive)
Fiftheenth Senate Election December 30, 2021 Reduced to opposition
7 / 25
Elliot Doe (Nationalist Democrat)
Electoral history of the Progressive Party note: only in the form of Chancellor Elections
Election Result Numbers Second Place
First Chancellor Election Kyle Smith (Imperial) (endorsed by Progressives) wins
80 / 100
Second Senate Election Kyle Smith (Imperial) beats Xavier Jackson (Progressive)
5 / 100
Xavier Jackson (Progressive)
Third Chancellor Election Kyle Smith (Democratic Traditionalist) beats Progressive-Communist Unity Ticket which comes in third.
7 / 100
Christina Nowell (Independent)
Forth Chancellor Election Progressive Tau wins.
56 / 100
Chris Ramsay (Independent)
Fifth Chancellor Election Kyle Smith (Reform) beats Adam Johnston (Progressive)
15 / 100
Adam Johnston (Progressive)
Sixth Chancellor Election Did not participate, Kyle Smith won
0 / 100
Mr. Bubbles
Seventh Chancellor Election Did not participate, Kyle Smith won
0 / 100
Johann Kümmel (EVP)
First Grand Senate Chancellorship Selection Adam Johnston (Progressive) won
100 / 100
Eighth Chancellor Election Robert Smith (Progressive) won
83 / 100
Based Baddie (Rhino)