Provinces of Princia

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Artwork containing the stylised flags of all seven Princian provinces

Provinces are the top-level division of the Princian Commonwealth. This article lists every province and the different types of which within Princia. Currently there are seven provinces: two governmental provinces and five divisional provinces. Provinces are also given a designation: home provinces (near to the capital city), outlying provinces (further from the capital city); or one of two sui generis designations: union protectorate and self-determiovince. All provinces are also electoral provinces for the purpose of unitary elections. For a list of all Princian subdivisions see the chart here.

Types of province

Governmental provinces

Governmental provinces are, as the name suggests, provinces with a devolved government. Each provincial government slightly differs in their customs and the limits to the laws they can pass, with the head of said government and thus leader of their respective province being known as a first minister.

List of governmental provinces
Province Designation Government name Notes
 Parvusmount Self-determined province Parvusmountian Government Previously independent but guaranteed autonomy upon annexation
 Stonne Outlying province Governate of Stonne The oldest province, previously a colony

Divisional provinces

Unlike governmental provinces, divisional provinces are so called because they are designated mainly for purposes of national division rather than for devolution. As these provinces do not benefit from a government, they are led by a single office of governor-general (abbreviated to gov.-gen.). Some divisional provinces' governor-generals are elected by ministers in the second stage of unitary elections, while some are appointed by the national government.

List of divisional provinces
Province Designation Elected gov.-gen.? Notes
 Addersonheath Home province checkY Yes Created from the partition of the Home Province of Princia
 Allisterloo Union protectorate ☒N No The newest province by land claim
 Cathairo-Pempire Home province checkY Yes Created from the merger of Cathair and Pempire, which were themselves created from the Home Province of Princia
 The Soeds Outlying province ☒N No Previously a governmental province, and before that a colony
 Southopearce Home province checkY Yes Previously a governmental province, and upon conversion to a divisional province did not originally elect a gov.-gen.