Red Front (Georgienstine)

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Red Front
Front rouge
General-SecretaryHunt Powell
Central CommitteeHunt Powell
Asher Young
Luciferio Mickomik
Founded7 September 2023
Split fromLeft Bloc
NewspaperRed Front Press
IdeologyMarxism-Leninism, Socialism, Anti-Americanism, Anti-Capitalism, Internationalism, Anti-imperialism
Political positionFar-left
International affiliationInternational Workers Congress
Colors  Red
AnthemLa Varsovienne
National Congress
2 / 16
0 / 7
Party flag

Red Front is a far-left Marxist-Leninist political party currently active in the Federal Republic of Georgienstine. It was founded on 7 September 2023 by Hunt Powell, following his dissatisfaction with the politics of the Left Bloc. It is led by Powell, who serves as the General Secretary of the party. The party is controversial for its outspoken beliefs about world politics and domestic views regarding capitalism.



The Red Front was founded on 7 September 2023 by Hunt Powell, who had grown dissatisfied with the moderate views and perceived inactivity of the Left Bloc in Georgienstine. The party shortly amassed 6 members after campaigning and word of mouth by Powell. Immediately, the party received notoriety for its advocating of socialist beliefs and repeated verbal attacks against capitalism. The LaRouche Society of Georgienstine was founded on 22 September 2023 by Matthew Laptev, wherein the Red Front soon aligned itself with LaRouche Society. The Red Front and LaRouche Society formed an electoral coalition on 23 September 2023. This coalition dubbed itself the Purple Bloc, due to the combination of the red of the Red Front and the blue of the LaRouche Society.

October 2023 congressional election and term

Georgienstine held congressional elections from 1 to 2 October 2023, wherein the surging Purple Bloc finished in second place with 26.7% of the vote. Purple Bloc won 4 seats in the National Congress, immediately heading the minority caucus. In reaction to the rapid success of the Purple Bloc, Georgienstine First, Left Bloc, and the Labour-Democratic Party aligned themselves in the majority caucus in an attempt to stymie the growth of the Purple Bloc. Hunt Powell was became the Minority Leader and Matthew Laptev became the Minority Whip. The Red Front lost a seat on 19 October 2023 when A.M. Marhaen resigned from his position in the National Congress. Owen Bean of the LaRouche section of the Purple Bloc filled the vacant seat, bringing equal representation for both parties within the Purple Bloc. Luciferio Mickomik was elevated to the Central Committee on 19 October 2023 following the resignation of Marhaen.

Ideology and views


The Red Front is primarily Marxist-Leninist and Socialist, with special emphasis on advancing goals of anti-imperialism, anti-capitalism, and anti-fascism. It is stalwart in these beliefs and often critical of other parties in Georgienstine for perceived excusal of fascism and imperialism. The Red Front is a secular political party and has members of multiple faiths. The Red Front has called for the dissolution of the Reform Party, a complete crackdown on perceived fascism in Georgienstine, and the purging of perceived fascists from the Left Bloc.


The Red Front is staunchly anti-fascist and anti-imperialism, opposing both sides of the Russo-Ukraine War and vehemently opposing the existence of Israel as a legitimate state. The Red Front supports the struggle of third world nations against imperialism, even if revolutions don't take an explicitly socialist position. The party is notably sympathetic towards the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the State of Palestine, both positions often drawing the Red Front into arguments with members of other parties in Georgienstine.

Electoral history

National Congress

Election Seats Vote share
October 2023
3 / 16
26.7% (As a part of Purple Bloc)