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For the ruined religious site on the peninsula of the same name, see Roscam

City-Region of Rockam
Flag of Rockam
The sea is never too far away!
Country Roscamistan
Province Greater Roscam
TypeChartered City-Region
Established18 February 2021
Renamed Rockam22 September 2023
Founded byThomas Jacobs
 • AdministratorThomas Jacobs
 • Mayor-PresidentFalcone de Los Santos
 • Total3 km2 (1 sq mi)
 • Total7
Time zoneGMT

Rockam, officially the City-Region of Rockam, is the capital of the Province of Greater Roscam, a region of Greater Roscam, is the de facto seat of power of the Federal President, and the largest municipality in Roscamistan .

It also borders the Kingdom of Dungailliamh was the headquarters of the Roscam Liberation Front from January 2021 to 24 February 2022, until its dissolution. It also has its own city council, made up of seven members, led by the Mayor-President as its chairman of government and presiding officer.


The region of Roscam was formed by Thomas Jacobs and Culann Burke alongside Oranmore and Doughiska when the Roscami Federation was formed on 18 February 2021. Originally the regions were independent of one another, not in their current forms. As time progressed, the Province of Galway City was claimed, to serve as in law capital. The territories which would later form Mervustan were also created.

From 13 - 14 May 2021, the three regions of Roscam, Oranmore, and Doughiska were merged to form the province of Greater Roscam, keeping their regional status under the province.

On 25 November 2021, devolution was granted to the province. The region became the Prime Minister of Greater Roscam's residence and seat of power for the devolved government.

Roscam was renamed Rockam on the 22nd of September 2023, after the passing of the Cities and Regions Act 2023.

Government and politics

Rockam is under a combined municipal-regional authority, due to its status as a chartered city and a region.

The Administrator serves as the appointed representative of the Federal Government. The Mayor-President, appointed by the Administrator of the Region (or in certain cases, the Provincial Government) from the members of the Rockam City Council serves as both head of the municipal-regional government and as presiding officer of the City Council.

The provincial government of Greater Roscam also has its seat within the region, thus prioritising the region over the others.