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Categories News, culture, lifestyle, opinion
Format Online/Magazine
Country Würdigeland
Owner SAN Company
Founded June 2021
Political alignment Impartial
Motto "Beyond News"

San (often stylized as SAN.) is an online micronational news, opinion, and lifestyle website founded by Henry Clémens. The site's name is derived from the Essian city of San Bernardo, which in turn translates to "Saint" from both Italian and Essian.


SAN seeks to take a unique approach to micronational journalism, focusing on greater 'collaborative effort'. To execute this, SAN often publishes material in the form of a series, and on a scheduled basis.


Though often associated with and considered a successor of Messenger due to their mutual Essian roots (as well as having the same founder), SAN is technically fully independent and standalone, unaffiliated with the string of Houston sector newspapers before its conception.

List of series

A list of series published by SAN by number of installments. Bold indicates an ongoing series.

  • 1 Installments: CLTR — Showcases different micronations and their unique traits, written by the micronations' leaders themselves.
  • 0 Installments: Make Your Case — Political candidates "Make their case" in an editorial-style piece.

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