Saubrème-Marítim (Caïd)

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Flag of the District
Flag of the District
 • Total5 km2 (2 sq mi)
13 m (43 ft)
 • Total51

Saubrème-Marítim is a district of the Republic of Caïd. Is the capital district of Caïd. The city of Saubrème is the capital of the district and the national capital. The district was created recently with the union of the old districts of Mig-Saubrème and Sud-Marítim.


The official creation of the district (and the electoral constituency) was in 2018 and in the same year it was the first district elections.


District Mayor

District Mayor Took office Left office Party
Camela Marfany i Valls 2018 In office PSDC

Seats in the District Council

Party Seats
  Social Democratic Party of Caïd PSDC
2 / 3
  New Center Coalition CNC
1 / 3
District MP Party
Saubrème-Marítim Camela Marfany PSDC
Fauna Kisaragi PSDC
Domènec Saints CNC

Seats in the Parlament de Caïd

Party Seats
  New Center Coalition CNC
1 / 3
  Social Democratic Party of Caïd-Democratic Left of Caïd PSDC-EC
1 / 3
  Caïd Democratic Union UDC
1 / 3

Climate & Geography

The weather is similar to all of Caïd. In the south, Saubrème-Marítim have beaches and a soft weather.

Notable citizens

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