Secundomian Conservative Party

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Secundomian Conservative Party
The Conservatives
ChairmanParker I
FoundedFebruary 6th, 2010
Preceded byParker-Spencer Alliance
Succeeded bySecundomian Nationalist Monarchist Party
HeadquartersMiddle Secundomia
IdeologyDemocratic Conservatism, Individualism, Big Tent (de facto)

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The Secundomian Conservative Party was the ruling active political party in Secundomia from its inception until the establishment of the Third Kingdom. Secundomia was not considered a single party state, as the creation of other political parties was legal, and encouraged. The party was no longer active after Secundomia's secession from Eran and was succeeded by the Nationalist Monarchist Party.


The ideology of party leadership was often at decoupled from membership. Many party members were largely indifferent to ideology or the direction of the party. In this way, the SCP operated as a de facto big tent. However, the Party adopted an official platform with the following campaign issues:[1]

Intermicronational Affiliation

The Secundomian Conservative Party is a member of the Intermicronational Conservative Alliance, and is closely affiliated with the Wyvernian Conservative-Liberal Party. The Slinky Freedom Party was officially adopted as the Slinky branch of the SCP. When active in the Eran Federation, the Conservatives were aligned within the Eran Conservative-Libertarian Alliance, alongside their rivals in the Secundomian Libertarian Party.


Logo of the Secundomian Conservative Party

The SCP was the largest political party in Secundomia. The following citizens were members of the party:

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