The Bugatti

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The Bugatti
Bugattin (Swedish)
Location of The Bugatti (red) within Thulia (white)
Location of The Bugatti (red) within Thulia (white)
Country Thulia
Territory established28 August 2023
Official languagesSwedish
• President
Svante Axelsson
• Overseer
Ahmad Hishiah
• Total
0.000128 km2 (4.9×10−5 sq mi)

The Bugatti (Swedish: Bugattin), officially the Territory of The Bugatti, is a territory of Thulia. It is the second-smallest administrative division of Thulia by area, with its size of 0.000128 km2, constituting 0.014% of Thulia's total area. The Bugatti is located in a playground in the town of Fjugesta, Örebro County. It contains a swing and a jungle gym formed as a fire engine, which is colloquially called Bugattin. It is a central meeting point of some of the students of the nearby school.


The name Bugattin was coined by a friend of Svante Axelsson, Adam S., when he saw the structure. Refering to the song "Bugatti" by rapper Ace Hood, he exclaimed:


"Vi ses vid Bugattin" (Swedish: Let us meet at the Bugatti) has become a common sentance among Axelsson and his schoolmates.