Timonoucitian First Civil War

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Timonocitian Cold Civil War
Date4 October 2019 - 10 February 2020
Result Treaty of Nate City and Formation of the Timonocite Empire
TimonoucitilandRepublic of SEnteral Excitement  Timo
Commanders and leaders

Eshaan B. Patel

Shreekrishna Vasant Avhad
Pravar Gollamudi
3 11

The Timonoucitian First Civil War, known as the Timonocitian Cold Civil War prior to November 2020, was a war between the Republic of SEnteral Excitement and the Timonian Republic. The Timonian Republic was a nanonation having declared from the other. Independence was declared on 3 October 2019, and cold war broke out the next day. Timo claimed that SEnteral Excitement in face was a nanonation having illegally declared independence from Timo, as Pravar Gollamudi claimed that Timo was founded in 2014. No evidence for the claim has since been found.

A large amount of arguing and population growth on both sides had left both bitter. The the war officially ended on 10 February 2020, at 11:13 AM, with the signing of the Treaty of Nate City. The document from the treaty is thought to be "thrown away in the trash". Neither side officially won, for the nations were reorganised as constituent countries (duchies) with full sovereignty and autonomy. Eventually, even Eshaan I would have to reduce his power to the same level as the dukes.

The Treaty of Nate City stated that a new country called the "Timonocite Empire" was to be formed, and it would be a federation of Timo and SEnteral Excitement, with both being constituent countries.

Sequence of events

Time Event
Pre-war 28 September 2019 The Republic of SEnteral Excitement is founded.
Pravar Gollamudi joins.
30 September 2019 Tensions begin to rise.
2 October 2019 More people are inspired by Eshaan I and start their own micronations.
3 October 2019 Eshaan I claimed the micronations as "illegitimate" "simulationist" nations.
War 4 October 2019 Timo is independent.
5 October 2019 Eshaan I claimed Timo, too is illegitimate.
6 October 2019 Pravar Gollamudi disassociates from SEnteral Excitement, though he remains part of SESA.
8 October 2019 By this point all other micronations are disassociated from SEnteral Excitement.
14 October 2019 Eshaan I hires Vijay Chandrasekhar as an army chief,
31 October 2019 Eshaan I bans Halloween celebrations, angering other micronations, escalating conflict.
10 February 2020 Treaty of Nate City is signed.
Post-war 12 February 2020 Treaty of Nate City is put into effect.